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Courteney Cox Friends Reunion Emmy Nomination

A Brief History of Courteney Cox’s First Emmy Nomination for ‘Friends’


Courteney Cox is the only cast member never to be nominated for her work on the original show.

Stillwater Movie

Amanda Knox Responds to Being the Inspiration for ‘Stillwater’


Knox addresses what it means to have her story cut apart and retold without her consent.

Netflix August

What’s New to Stream on Netflix for August 2021


New films from Jason Momoa, France, and the pages of young adult literature!

Amazon Prime Video Guide August

What’s New to Stream on Amazon Prime for August 2021


Val, Annette, and Bruce the Shark walk into a bar and ask what’s on Amazon Prime…

Ed Harris The Abyss Breathable Fluid

How They Shot the Breathable Fluid Scenes in ‘The Abyss’


If you think it’s CGI … don’t hold your breath. Or, wait, maybe do.

Jungle Cruise box office

‘Jungle Cruise’ Embarked on a Rocky Ride at the Box Office


Disney’s latest theme park ride adaptation drew decent-size crowds to start, at least — much better than fellow newcomers ‘The Green Knight’ and ‘Stillwater.’

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Why the Living Animation in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ Works So Well


They’re not bad. Quite the opposite. They were drawn to maintain an eye-line.

Horrorscope Horror Movies Streaming August

All the Horror Films You Need to Stream in August 2021


‘The Cook, The Thief, Jakob’s Wife, and Her Lover’