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Hawkeye Trailer

The ‘Hawkeye’ Trailer Reveals Marvel’s Two Opposing Adaptation Processes


We dig into the ‘Hawkeye’ trailer, celebrate its many comic book references, and consider how it chooses to adapt its source material differently than the current ‘What If…?’ series.


‘Dune’ Terminology 101: An Essential Glossary for the Uninitiated


Prepare for Denis Villeneuve’s new movie adaptation with this handy vocab lesson.

Taxi Driver Movie Quote

In Praise of Rhetorical Questions: The Secret to an Iconic Movie Quote


Want to know why rhetorical questions stick in our heads? Well, do you, punk?

The Giant Claw

A Giant Turkey Lands as Our Pick of the Week


Plus 7 more new releases to watch at home this week on Blu-ray/DVD!

Sion Sono Prisoners Of The Ghostland Interview

Sion Sono Leaves Japan Behind with ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’


We chat with the director about his magical relationship with Nicolas Cage and why Western audiences prefer his movies.

Don't Look Up

A Brief History of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Environmental Activism


The actor’s concern for the planet in ‘Don’t Look Up’ is also found in his real-life activism.

Tcm Rebrand

The Turner Classic Movies Rebrand Signals a Bright Future for Old Movies


TCM adopts a new look that matches recent efforts to modernize how we see old movies.

Ralph Bakshi Lord Of The Rings

An In-Depth History of Ralph Bakshi’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’


Remember when they let the guy who made ‘Fritz the Cat’ adapt ‘The Lord of the Rings’? The ’70s were wild, man.