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Will Smith in King Richard

‘King Richard’ Succeeds as an Inspiring Biopic and a Thrilling Tennis Film


His name is in the title, but this is a biopic of an entire family supporting and succeeding together.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Review

‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ is a Safe, Perversion-Free Family Adventure


Well, except for those Mini Stay Pufts — there’s nothing timid or cuddly about those gooey demons.

Tick Tick Boom True Story

‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’ Overindulges in Hero Worship


Andrew Garfield delivers one of the best performances of his career in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s otherwise disappointing feature directorial debut.

The Great Season 2

‘The Great’ is a Violent Delight


FSR chief television critic Valerie Ettenhofer reviews Season 2 of Hulu’s quasi-historical series, calling the return ruthless, funny, and relentlessly entertaining.

Black And Missing Hbo

‘Black and Missing’ Highlights a Media Blindspot and its Consequences


We review the HBO documentary series, which follows the Black and Missing Foundation in its efforts to spread awareness about missing persons of color.

The Wheel Of Time

After Years of Anticipation, ‘The Wheel of Time’ Falls Flat


FSR chief television critic Valerie Ettenhofer says it’s hard to engage with Amazon’s new high fantasy series thanks to its middling CGI and overstuffed mythology.

Turner and Hooch in Finch

‘Finch’ Pairs Tom Hanks and a Dog at the End of the World


There’s no excuse for a sci-fi/drama road trip movie to be this unaffecting and uninteresting.

Rich people in Red Notice

‘Red Notice’ is Devoid of Thrills, Chemistry, and Purpose


Skip it and watch ‘The Harder They Fall’ instead.