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Founded in 2006, Film School Rejects has always been a movie blog for the people. When I picked the name at age 23, I was an idealistic service industry worker from Cleveland, Ohio, whose desire to attend film school was recently dashed after asking the question, “How much does it cost?”

That inspired the concept for Film School Rejects — a space for anyone who loves the work of filmmaking. Our editorial strategy has evolved over the years as we’ve learned how to exist in the ever-changing world of online publishing, but we’ve always tried to remain true to our love for the work. Along the way, we’ve discovered that writers, readers, and passers-by are always drawn to FSR because we love the craft of filmmaking. And sometimes we’re fun.

This passion is something we’ve tried to carry forward into other projects, as well. In 2013, we launched the documentary blog Nonfics with Founding Editor Christopher Campbell. In 2016, we were honored to welcome One Perfect Shot and its contributors to our community upon my acquisition of the brand from its Founder Geoff Todd.

We believe that the filmmaking craft is special, regardless of the medium. From big studio movies to small independent films to the sets of your favorite shows, we love learning about every artisan involved in bringing magic to the screen. It always takes a team effort. We aim to celebrate that craft in everything we do — whether it’s a big list of recommendations or telling you the story behind your favorite One. Perfect. Shot.

However you found us, we appreciate every single one of our readers and followers. We have been honored to remain independent through the years thanks to your support. Whatever the future may hold, we hope that you stay safe and stay curious about the craft of filmmaking.

— Neil Miller, Publisher

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How do I get in touch with Film School Rejects?

If you have a business inquiry, please send an email to [email protected]

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How can I apply to write for Film School Rejects?

We are not currently accepting individual review or essay pitches from new contributors. However, we are accepting pitches for recurring columns and limited series from new contributors. For more information, please visit and fill out this Google Form.

How can I get in touch regarding One Perfect Shot?

Visit the One Perfect Shot website to subscribe to the upcoming newsletter. For business inquiries, please send an email to [email protected]