The Reading List

The Reading List is a recurring column in which Brad Gullickson encourages you to take your enthusiasm for a particularly groovy movie or TV series and direct it into a wide array of extracurricular studies.

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Thor Love And Thunder Comics

The Best Comics to Read Alongside ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’


Yeah, no. These are not the comics you’re expecting.

The Batman Best Comics

The 10 Best Batman Comics to Read Alongside ‘The Batman’


No, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ is not one of them. These are tales that expose a Caped Crusader stumbling through his vengeance vow.

Eternals Comics Best

The 5 Essential Comics to Read Alongside ‘Eternals’


You’re in luck! Unlike other comic book characters, you can get caught up on the Eternals rather quickly. Start with these five, then go nuts.

Y The Last Man Comics Reading List

The 5 Best Comics to Read Alongside ‘Y: The Last Man’


Step one, read every ‘Y: The Last Man’ comic. Step two, follow Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra into every other title they touch.

The Suicide Squad Comics

The 10 Best ‘Suicide Squad’ Comics to Read Alongside the Movie


James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ is a joyous celebration of the DC Comics Universe. We suggest where to go after you’ve devoured its pleasures.

The Black Widow Comics Reading List

The 10 Best ‘Black Widow’ Comics to Read Alongside the Movie


We rank the best books based on what you might find in the new Marvel movie.

Best Loki Comics

The 10 Best Comics to Read Alongside ‘Loki’


With the arrival of the Disney+ series, we recommend the best comics that speak to Loki’s complicated morality.

Jupiter's Legacy Comic

The 10 Best Comics To Read Alongside ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’


One look at the Netflix series, and you’ll be craving the Jupiter’s Legacy comics. Have no fear; we’ve got your guide to the books as well a batch of others you’ll want living in your brain.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Comic Books

The 10 Best Comics to Read Alongside ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’


Sam and Bucky have a long comic book history of living under Captain America’s shadow.