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Netflix January

What’s New to Stream on Netflix for January 2022


A dark new series with episodes directed by Benson & Moorhead? Yes please.

The Book Of Boba Fett Chapter

‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Could Fix a Plot Thread from ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’


Boba Fett makes a play for Jabba’s throne and possibly stirs the attention of the galaxy’s nastiest criminal empire.

Grand Illusion Criterion

The Miraculous Survival of ‘La Grande Illusion’: Jean Renoir vs. The Nazis


If Joseph Goebbels declares your movie “Cinematic Public Enemy No. 1,” then you’re doing something right.

Warren Ellis La PanthÈre Des Neiges

Warren Ellis Only Needs 30 Seconds of Footage to Score Your Whole Movie


We chat with the composer about his latest project, ‘The Velvet Queen,’ and about how he and Nick Cave jam-session their scores into reality.

Ill Be Seeing You

‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ and How Rewarding Sad Christmas Movies Can Be


The best holiday movies take on the realistic struggles of our lives and turn them into heartwarming stories, including ‘I’ll Be Seeing You.’

Home Alone

How John Williams Made ‘Home Alone’ Sound Like Christmas


There’s a lot more to composing a banger Christmas soundtrack than sleigh bells.

Don't Look Up

12 Movies to Watch After ‘Don’t Look Up’


In this edition of Movie DNA, we look at the movies that came before Adam McKay’s satire, including silly disaster flicks and serious documentaries.

Bullet Time Matrix

How They Shot the “Bullet-Time” Effect in ‘The Matrix’


Turns out to “dodge this” you need roughly 120 cameras.

Hawkeye Episode

6 Questions Left Unanswered by ‘Hawkeye’


The ‘Hawkeye’ finale pretty much goes where we thought it would, but it leaves several questions dangling over the franchise. We need answers.