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1999 Movies

Why Were There So Many Iconic Movies in 1999?


Tonight I’m gonna [watch movies] like it’s 1999

The Iron Prefect Header

‘The Iron Prefect’ Locks Down Our Pick of the Week


Plus 11 more new releases to watch at home this week on UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD!

Fire Within Fire Of Love

‘The Fire Within’ vs ‘Fire of Love’ and the Hunt for Adequate Images


Two volcano movies from 2022 enter … one movie leaves (it’s the one directed by Werner Herzog).

i think you should leave with tim robinson

The Absurdity (and Poignancy) of Tim Robinson in ‘I Think You Should Leave’


We’re examining a couple key moments that show the expansive range of Tim Robinson’s chaotic (and surprisingly moving) brand of comedy.

John Wick Adkins

The Best Action Movies of 2023, So Far


2023 is already an epic year for action fans, and it’s only half over.

Horror Streaming June

All the Horror You Need to Stream in July 2023


From summer classics to … early 20th Century classics, we’ve got horror recommendations for everyone!

New on Netflix: July 2023

What’s New to Stream on Netflix for July 2023


New Jackie Chan and old Karate Kid are among this month’s choices.