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Up Next is an ongoing series of TV reviews that explores brand new shows that are about to drop on streaming or begin runs on television. If you’re looking for the next great show that everyone will soon be talking about, this is a good place to start.

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Wellington Paranormal Review

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Spin-Off ‘Wellington Paranormal’ is Finally Here, and It’s Dryly Hilarious


The monster-chasing mockumentary series has already aired three seasons in New Zealand, and is finally crossing the pond with episodes airing on The CW and HBO Max.

Kevin Can F Himself

‘Kevin Can F*** Himself’ Shatters The Sitcom Screen And Then Some


Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy headlines this new series, which is an audacious hate letter to the sitcom American dream.

Liseys Story

Stephen King Adaptation ‘Lisey’s Story’ Should Have Stayed on the Shelf


The star-studded Apple TV+ adaptation of one of King’s own favorite works is overwrought, muddled, and silly.

The Mosquito Coast Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux Can’t Outrun Capitalism in Moralizing Adventure Series ‘The Mosquito Coast’


The bold new Apple TV+ adaptation of Paul Theroux’s book is heavy on action and family drama.

Shadow And Bone Netflix

‘Shadow and Bone’ Should Be the Next Big Netflix Hit


The adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s much-loved Grishaverse franchise has all the makings of a great fantasy epic.

The Nevers Ann Skelly And Laura Donnelly

‘The Nevers’ is the Worst of Joss Whedon


This overcrowded, faux-empowering HBO sci-fi series is a wholly original disappointment.

Chad TV show Nasim Pedrad

‘Chad’ is an Unpleasant Trip Back to High School


With creator Nasim Pedrad playing the high school lead, the new comedy series is sure to call to mind ‘Pen15’, but it lacks the depth needed for a good coming-of-age story.

Invincible Tv Series

Robert Kirkman’s Superhero Series ‘Invincible’ Packs a Surprising Punch


The popular long-running comic is now a shocking animated series led by Steven Yeun and J.K. Simmons.

Sky Rojo

The Netflix Drama Series ‘Sky Rojo’ Delivers Pulpy Thrills


The team behind the Netflix hit ‘Money Heist’ is back with an exciting new drama series about three women on the run.