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Up Next is an ongoing series of TV reviews that explores brand new shows that are about to drop on streaming or begin runs on television. If you’re looking for the next great show that everyone will soon be talking about, this is a good place to start.

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Justice Smith Generation Hbo Max

‘Genera+ion’ Does Gen Z Dirty


Despite it having an appropriately aged showrunner, this coming-of-age series portrays most modern teens as grating.

Björnstad / Beartown

HBO’s Swedish Import ‘Beartown’ Skates on Thin Ice


Fredrik Backman’s best-selling novel gets the small-screen treatment with this grim, underwritten adaptation.

Its A Sin Ritchie

‘It’s a Sin’ is the Best New Show of 2021 So Far


Russell T. Davies’ fantastic, wide-ranging AIDS drama leaves room for every emotion.

The Great North

‘The Great North’ is Like the Zany Cousin of ‘Bob’s Burgers’


Trust us, that’s a good thing.


‘Clarice’ Needs to Go Dark or Go Home


A new series aims to retell ‘The Silence of The Lambs,’ but it’s missing some key elements.

A Teacher Kate Mara Nick Robinson

‘A Teacher’ Flips the Script on a Familiar Story


This inconsistent limited series carefully explores the fallout of a teacher-student relationship.

The Undoing

A Star-Studded Cast Can’t Save HBO’s ‘The Undoing’


Maybe it’s time to retire the bougie crime soap.

We Are Who We Are

Luca Guadagnino’s Latest is an Unpredictable Coming-of-Age TV Series


The HBO series ‘We Are Who We Are’ is engaging, imperfect, and sure to inspire discussion.

Hbo The Vow

‘The Vow’ Reframes the Narrative About Cults


HBO’s latest docuseries anchors its look at the NXIVM cult with jarring first-person accounts and impressive archival footage.