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Jupiter's Legacy Comic

The 10 Best Comics To Read Alongside ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’


One look at the Netflix series, and you’ll be craving the Jupiter’s Legacy comics. Have no fear; we’ve got your guide to the books as well a batch of others you’ll want living in your brain.

The Boys Comic Books

Move Your Grim Obsession With ‘The Boys’ Into These Other Comic Books


Garth Ennis is the reason you love ‘The Boys.’ Here is a list of his other comic books designed to stir your passions and blood lust.

Michael Keaton Bruce Wayne

Michael Keaton Returning as Old Man Batman Feels Right


Bringing the actor back into Gotham offers a much-needed revolution for the franchise.

Scarface Lion King Comic Con

Comic-Con at Home Requires More Than Online Panels


The reason we return to Comic-Con year after year is not to catch sneak peeks of movie trailers.


‘Descender’ and ‘Ascender’ Confront and Condemn Humanity’s Perpetual Dismissal of Their Offspring


With ‘Descender’ and ‘Ascender,’ Jeff Lemire is gunning for Mark Millar’s crown as the comic book creator with the most properties on the cusp of adaptation.

The Amazing Screw On Head

More Than a Decade After its Failed Pilot, Let’s Reconsider ‘The Amazing Screw-On Head’


Why can’t studios let Bryan Fuller have nice things? The Mike Mignola comic book should have been Fuller’s masterpiece adaptation.


The ‘Snowpiercer’ Reading List


As TNT prepares to launch its series based on Bong Joon-ho’s film, we invite you to explore the massive comic book continuity where ‘Snowpiercer’ began.

Infamous Tiger King

Milking a Franchise Out of ‘Tiger King’


Surprise Episodes! Absurd AMAs! Comic Books! Netflix and other ravenous entrepreneurs are determined to build an empire outta Joe Exotic.

Atomic Blonde Screenshot

Searching for a Skeletal Plot to Hang ‘Atomic Blonde 2’


We want our sequel, but we won’t find it within the comic book source material.