Die Hard

28 Great Christmas Movies* to Watch Any Time of Year


*Technically, all of these movies are Christmas flicks, but the holiday connections aren’t plainly visible to the naked eye.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Merits of Choosing Your Own Family


Sometimes friends are all you need for a magical Christmas.

Lethal Weapon Christmas

Life Goes On: ‘Lethal Weapon’ is a Perfect Christmas Movie


Beneath the bad guys and bullets, Lethal Weapon is a tale of friendship and salvation.

Hudsucker Proxy Christmas

‘The Hudsucker Proxy’ is My Version of a Capra Christmas


Why not define Christmas in the terms that we celebrate it?

A Christmas Horror Story

Every* Christmas Horror Movie, Ranked


Did we rank 110 Christmas horror movies from the naughty to the nice? You’re goddamn right we did.

Brazil Movie Screencaps Com

10 Reasons Why ‘Brazil’ is a Great Christmas Movie for the Rest of Us


All I want for Christmas is to avoid a complete mental breakdown.

Green Acres Christmas

‘Green Acres’ is the Christmas for Me


Christmas and Green Acres go hand-in-hand, don’t they?

The Proposition Christmas

Finding the Reason for the Season in John Hillcoat’s ‘The Proposition’


The Proposition explores the abject loneliness of the holiday season, exposing the hell of emotions buried beneath Christmas.

Casting Jonbenet Christmas documentary

The Depressing Reality of Nonfiction Christmas Movies


There’s nothing drearier than death, destruction, and destitution during the holidays.