Kieran Fisher

Kieran is a Contributor to the website you're currently reading. He also loves the movie Varsity Blues.
Urban Legend Horror Movies

10 Best Horror Movies About Urban Legends

By Kieran Fisher 

From stories about babysitter killers to killers with hooks, ghost kids and poisoned candy, these urban legends will make you shiver.

Japanese Horror Movies

10 Best Japanese Horror Movies From the Terrifying to the Weird

By Kieran Fisher 

From the country that put giant monsters and bendy ghost girls on the map, we recommend these spooktacular treats.

Final Horror Movie List

10 Best Final Horror Movies by Great Directors

By Kieran Fisher 

Let’s celebrate some of the horror filmmakers who went out with a bloody bang.

British Horror

10 Best British Horror Movies That Weren’t Produced by Hammer

By Kieran Fisher 

From pagan cults to alien invasions — and even some cannibalism — these British horror movies are among the best the country has to offer.

God The Devil Bob

‘God, the Devil and Bob’ Was a Misunderstood Animated Sitcom

By Kieran Fisher 

Matthew Carlson’s short-lived series was the subject of much controversy before anyone had seen a single episode. The fury was uncalled for.

The car in Black Moon Rising

‘Black Moon Rising’ is an Action Movie That Doesn’t Trust the Government

By Kieran Fisher 

John Carpenter, Tommy Lee Jones, and a wickedly high-tech car come together for an anti-capitalist adventure.

true story Fargo Season 4

The True Story That Inspired ‘Fargo’ Season 4

By Kieran Fisher 

The characters and events in the fourth season are fictitious, but they’re informed by a fascinating period in American history.

Tv Search For The Gods

‘Search for the Gods’ Taps Into the UFO-Mania of the ’70s

By Kieran Fisher 

Stephen McHattie and Kurt Russell are out to learn the truth about the universe in this TV movie from 1975.

The Trial Of The Chicago

The Real Story Behind ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’

By Kieran Fisher 

Let’s take a look at the true story that inspired Aaron Sorkin’s Netflix drama.