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Chris Coffel is a contributor at Film School Rejects. He’s a connoisseur of Christmas horror, a Nic Cage fanatic, and bad at Rocket League. He can be found on Twitter here: @Chris_Coffel. (He/Him)
Monster Mash Ups Horror Movies

Monster Mash-Ups: 10 Best Monster Crossovers

By Chris Coffel 

They did the mash… the monster mash-up…

James Wan Horror Movies

10 Best Horror Films from the James Waniverse

By Chris Coffel 

Follow us on a journey to the deepest and darkest depths of the James Waniverse (it’s a thing)!

Best Horror Movies

Thirty Years Dead: The 10 Best Horror Films from 1993

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This is how we kill from ’93 ’til…

Boat Horror Movies

Horror Takes a Cruise – 10 Great Horror Movies on a Boat

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These horror movies are on a boat!

Christopher Lee Movies

A “Count” Down of the 10 Most Memorable Christopher Lee Movies

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Christopher Lee is a horror icon, so consider this just a taste of the genre delights he has to show you.

Horror List Best X-Files Episodes

The Truth Is Out There and it Says These are the Top 10 Episodes of ‘The X-Files’

By Chris Coffel 

Paranormal cases, alien abductions, and sexual tension between horny FBI agents. These are the top ten episodes of The X-Files.

Best Zombie Movies

10 Best Zombie Movies Not Directed by George A. Romero

By Chris Coffel 

Fresh brains, hold the Romero.

Horror Movies Set On Halloween

10 Best Horror Movies Set on Halloween Night

By Chris Coffel 

It’s Halloween. Everyone’s entitled to one good scare.

Best Troma Movies

10 Best Troma Entertainment Releases

By Chris Coffel 

Stuffy film fans look elsewhere, in this house we celebrate gold no matter who releases it.