Movie of the Year

Every year as part of our annual Rewind series in December we hand out four superlative awards, choosing a single Movie, Filmmaker, Performer, and Scene of the Year. In this archive, you will find our selections for Movie of the Year starting in 2014.

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Movie Of The Year The Matrix Resurrections

Movie of the Year: The Matrix Resurrections


For our movie of 2021, we’re going back to where it all started…

Movie Of The Year First Cow

Movie of the Year (2020): ‘First Cow’


There’s more to love than just Evie the Cow in Kelly Reichardt’s tender heist movie, our favorite of 2020.

Movie Parasite

Movie of the Year (2019): Parasite


Bong Joon-ho’s masterpiece builds into something stunning, original, and deserving of attention.

Black Panther Movie Of The Year

Movie of the Year (2018): Black Panther


When the histories are written, ‘Black Panther’ will stand alone as The Movie of 2018. Carl Broughton explains why.

Rewind Movie Get Out

Movie of the Year (2017): Get Out


When we saw this movie at Sundance in January 2017, it felt special. Though we never could’ve predicted its success and influence over the course of the year.


Movie of the Year (2016): Moonlight


We finish our handing out of superlatives with 2016’s movie of the year.

World Of Tomorrow Article

‘World of Tomorrow’ is 2015’s Movie of the Year


As part of our 2015 Year in Review, we’ve chosen Don Hertzfeldt’s beautiful animated short ‘World of Tomorrow’ as Movie of the Year. Christopher Campbell explains why.


Movie of the Year (2014): Selma


Every year, Film School Rejects names a Movie of the Year. For 2014, that honor goes to Ava DuVernay’s Selma. Here’s why.


Movie Of The Year (2013): The Infinite Aperture of ‘Gravity’


Every year, Film School Rejects names a Movie of the Year. For 20163, that honor goes to Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. Here’s why.