Branded To Kill Butterflies

My Dream is to Die: Why You Should Watch ‘Branded to Kill’


“A killer mustn’t be human. He must be tough and cool.”

Rrr Action Ss Rajamouli

How to Direct an Action Movie Like SS Rajamouli


Queue the speed ramping.

Best Action Movies of 2022

The Best Action Movies of 2022


It was a fantastic year for action cinema and action fans.

action in Accident Man Hitmans Holiday

‘Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday’ Has Head-Popping Fun in Malta


Come for the action, stay for the killer Ben Affleck joke.

Cynthia Rothrock in Righting Wrongs

‘Righting Wrongs’ Gets the Home Video Treatment It Deserves from Vinegar Syndrome


This Hong Kong classic has never looked better.

The Woman King Viola Davis

Long Live ‘The Woman King’


‘The Woman King’ dares to ask the question, “What if we gave Viola Davis a big sword?” More movies should do this.

RRR K.K. Senthil Kumar

Unpacking the Crossover Mega-Success of ‘RRR’


If you STILL haven’t seen the best film of the year, this is your sign! Run don’t walk!

Best Action Movies

The 15 Best Action Movies of 2021


From blockbuster epics to an indie comedy from Japan, these are the best action films of the year.

Mcu Action Sequences Ranked

The 25 Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Action Sequences


Avengers Assemble! We rank the MCU using their action as the defining metric.