4:3 & Forgotten


Tv Terror Out Of The Sky

‘Terror Out of the Sky’ Sees the Deadly Return of Savage Bees


Remember when killer bees were a real, legitimate, honest to goodness threat? Yeah, neither do we.

Tv Search For The Gods

‘Search for the Gods’ Taps Into the UFO-Mania of the ’70s


Stephen McHattie and Kurt Russell are out to learn the truth about the universe in this TV movie from 1975.

Tarantulas The Deadly Cargo

‘Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo’ Sends Foreign Spiders Into the Heartland


“Terror and death sweep through a defenseless town.”

Tv The Darker Side Of Terror

Get Two Robert Forsters for the Price of One In ‘The Darker Side of Terror’


“What happens when you create the world’s first perfect human … and he turns out to be your wife’s perfect lover?”

Tv with Five Desperate Women

‘Five Desperate Women’ Find Fun, Sun, and Murder


“A remote island, a silent killer, and sheer terror for five beautiful women as he stalks them, one by one.”

Ritual Of Evil 1970

‘Ritual of Evil’ Embraces the Satanism of Its Era


“Against the background of a supernatural cult, a psychiatrist tries to find the motive in a motiveless suicide.”

Tv Horror Spectre

‘Spectre’ Blends Sex and the Supernatural Into Something Special


“From the dark of everlasting damnation comes evil — to walk among the living!”

Forgotten Taste Of Evil Title

Don’t Trust Anyone in ‘A Taste of Evil’


“What happened to little Susan was so horrible, she’s been away for seven years. Now she’s back… and so is the horror.”

Tv When Michael Calls

‘When Michael Calls’ is a 1970s TV Horror Movie Worth Picking Up


“15 years ago Helen’s nephew died… or did he?”