4:3 & Forgotten


The Screaming Woman

‘The Screaming Woman’ Sees Joan Fontaine’s Sister Questioning Her Sanity


Greed and gaslighting hamper a race against time.

Norliss Tapes The Title

‘The Norliss Tapes’ Teases the Terrifying Horror Anthology Series That Never Was


A journalist, a mystery, and a creature from beyond.

Night Terror Title

‘Night Terror’ Pits TV’s Rhoda Against a Gun-Toting Psycho On the Open Road


“She’s the only witness to the murder … and the murderer is right behind her.”

Sweet Sweet Rachel Title

Thinking About Murder Leads to Murder In ‘Sweet, Sweet Rachel’


“Mental telepathy becomes mind over murder.”

The Victim

Elizabeth Montgomery Faces Off Against a Dark and Stormy Night In ‘The Victim’


“The Phone Is Not the Only Thing That’s Dead In Susan’s House”

Scream Of The Wolf

‘Scream of the Wolf’ Sees a Beast Haunt the Countryside While Peter Graves Hunts the Beast


“Oh no.”

Title Where Have All The People Gone

‘Where Have All the People Gone’ Leaves a Family Caught In a Quiet Apocalypse


“It was a Sunday in August. We didn’t know that two and a half hours later the world as we knew it would cease to exist.”

Paper Man

‘Paper Man’ Brings a Prescient Technological Terror to 70s Television


“The most diabolical computer since HAL punches out death.”

All The Kind Strangers

‘All the Kind Strangers’ Brings the Danger of Picking Up Pint-Sized Hitchhikers to 70s TV


“They could become the next ‘adopted parents’ of seven strange children — or their next victims.”