4:3 & Forgotten


Death Sentence Tv Header

Nick Nolte Plays Against Type In 1974’s ‘Death Sentence’


But you should probably give this TV movie a watch anyway.

Savages 1974

Andy Griffith Is a Killer Lawyer in ‘Savages’


“He’s found the perfect prey… a young, defenseless human.”

Tv Horror Look Whats Happened

Look What Happened to The ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Sequel


You won’t believe everything that’s happened to the devil child.

Header Shes Dressed To Kill

Fast Fashion Meets Murder in ‘She’s Dressed to Kill’


These supermodels are about to be super dead!

Header The Night Stalker

‘The Night Stalker’ Paved the Way for the Supernatural Procedural Boom


If it wasn’t for this movie, ‘The X Files’ wouldn’t exist.

The Horror At Feet

‘The Horror at 37,000 Feet’ Sees WIlliam Shatner Collecting Unexpected Die Miles


Last week we followed the devil into an old western town, but this time he’s flying first class.

Black Noon Forgotten

‘Black Noon’ Brings Some Devilish Flavor to the Old West


Where was Satan in the 70s? On CBS, of course.

Forgotten Reflections Of Murder

Sam Waterston Defies Law, Order, and Common Decency In ‘Reflections of Murder’


Is this the most diabolical TV movie of the 70s? Maybe.

Home For The Holidays

‘Home for the Holidays’ Brings a Holiday Giallo Home


The dynamic duo of Sally Field and Walter Brennan face off against a killer!