4:3 & Forgotten


Tv Baffled

Leonard Nimoy Races Cars and Investigates the Occult In ‘Baffled!’


“Who dares walk the line between life and death?”

Tv The Night Strangler

Carl Kolchak Stalks Another Undead Assailant in ‘The Night Strangler’


“140 years ago he began to kill, rising from the caverns beneath the city to claim his victims. Every 20 years he must kill… to live.”

Tv Night Of Terror

A Wheelchair-Bound Teacher is Pursued by the Mob in ‘Night of Terror’


“He’s out there… and she can’t get away.”

Tv Terror On The Beach

A Pacifist Is Forced Into Violence in ‘Terror on the Beach’


Our latest dip into 70s TV terrors sees a family harassed by hippies at the beach and pushed to the breaking point.

Tv The Ghost Of Flight

‘The Ghost of Flight 401’ Never Takes Off


“A true story that grounded an airline.”

Ants! Tv

‘Ants!’ Create a Panic at Lakewood Manor


“Pleasure seekers at a luxury summer resort… trapped by a deadly menace from the depths of the earth.”


‘Duel’ Is David vs. Goliath on the Highway to Hell


“A duel is about to begin between a man, a truck, and an open road. Where a simple battle of wits is now a matter of life and death.”

Tv A Cold Night's Death

Nature Tires of Humanity’s Bullshit in ‘A Cold Night’s Death’


Robert Culp and Eli Wallach don’t stand a chance.

The Savage Bees

‘The Savage Bees’ Will Give You a Buzz


“They’re coming this way, not to make honey, but to kill!”