4:3 & Forgotten


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Beware the Fiddler on Four Wheels in ‘Death Car on the Freeway’


This made-for-TV movie walked so ‘Death Proof’ could run.

The Brotherhood Of The Bell

Secret Societies Rule the World in ‘The Brotherhood of the Bell’


The Illuminati is real in this suspenseful gem from 1970.

Are You In The House Alone

‘Are You In the House Alone?’ Is a Creepy Reminder of How Society Fails Women


A whodunit set in a world where the person it was done to is the one facing more criticism.

Tv Horror Crowhaven Farm

Those Pesky Witches Are Out for Revenge In ‘Crowhaven Farm’


“A chilling tale of vengeance from beyond the grave.”

The Dead Dont Die

‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Never Quite Comes to Life


What happens when George Hamilton headlines a horror/thriller penned by the great Robert Bloch? Not much.

Moon Of The Wolf

‘Moon of the Wolf’ Brings Some Southern Gothic Flavor to Lycanthropy Lore


“A killer force, not of this world, sweeps shock and terror through a steaming Louisiana bayou.”

Header Strange And Deadly Occurrence

Robert Stack Finally Solves a Mystery in ‘The Strange and Deadly Occurrence’


Another terrific TV terror from the legendary director behind ‘Home for the Holidays’ and ‘The Night Stalker.’

Tv Horror Gargoyles

Stan Winston’s Monster Magic Is on Full Display in ‘Gargoyles’


The movie is also very entertaining.

Tv Horror Snowbeast

‘Snowbeast’ Is the ‘Jaws’ Meets ‘Rudolph’ Mashup You’ve Been Looking For


“The legendary creature is half man… half animal… and a cold blooded killer!”