4:3 & Forgotten


Title Killdozer

‘Killdozer!’ Great Title? Or the Greatest Title…


Not to be confused with Jim Henson’s far more terrifying Killdoozer.

No Featured Image

‘A Howling in the Woods’ Finds Accidental Terror


The Spell

Move Over Carrie, Rita Has Something to Say With ‘The Spell’


Cruise Into Terror

The Love Boat Goes to Hell In ‘Cruise Into Terror’


Love, exciting and new, come aboard, he’s expecting you…

Tv Crawlspace Title

No Good Deeds Go Unpunished In the ‘Crawlspace’


“The way he handles that ax! I wonder where he learned.”

Bbc The Stone Tape

‘The Stone Tape’ Will Deafen You With Science… And Terror


Is it live, or is it Memore–a freaking ghost!

The House That Would Not Die

Can Barbara Stanwyck Kill ‘The House That Would Not Die’?


“The ghost of a general from the Revolutionary War prevents a family from living in peace.”

Weekend Of Terror

‘Weekend of Terror’ Pits Nuns Against the Bionic Man


“Unless a miracle happens, three kidnapped nuns don’t have a chance.”

Something Evil

‘Something Evil’ Sees a Young Steven Spielberg Embrace Things That Go Bump In the Night


A young family duels with the devil in a new TV movie from the devilishly young director of ‘Duel’!