Triangle Of Sadness

‘Triangle of Sadness’ Desperately Wants What ‘Parasite’ Has


It’s always fun when a film with THIS much projectile vomit wins the Palme.

Weird The Al Yankovic Story

‘Weird’ Rides or Dies on Letting Daniel Radcliffe Be a Little Freak


I mean… how are we supposed to take Weird Al Yankovic SERIOUSLY after this?

a comic store in Funny Pages

‘Funny Pages’ Offers a Hilariously Refreshing Take on the Young Aspiring Artist


Writer-director Owen Kline reveals the chaotic passions of an aspiring cartoonist.

Barb And Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Where Have All the Studio Comedies Gone?


(To “Vista Del Mar,” it turns out.)

Mon Oncle

The Warm Absurdity of Old vs. New in Jacques Tati’s ‘Mon Oncle’


Reject modernity, embrace slapstick comedy.

Ghost World

What Makes ‘Ghost World’ Such a Successful Comic Book Adaptation


“Well, I have to admit that things are really starting to look up for me since my life turned to shit.”

Leverage Redemption Cast

‘Leverage: Redemption’ is a Satisfying Second Act


The revival is no doubt targeting the avid fan base from the original series but it is also well-attuned to the zeitgeist.

Bo Burnham Inside Purple

‘Bo Burnham: Inside’ Redefines the Internet Age


At a time when everyone is doing it, Bo Burnham gets internet critique right.

Shrekiversary Double Take

Double Take: ‘Shrek’ at 20 and the Iconic Legacy of DreamWorks’ “All Star”

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It’s the 20th Shrekiversary. Time to peel back the layers.