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‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Takes a Step Backward Before Its Showdown

The Chapter 5 sidequest brings an old friend back into the fold, and it's as satisfying as it is frustrating. Read More

What the ‘Golden Girls’ Chronic Illness Episode Means to Me

Dorothy's traumatic and frustrating journey through the medical system hits close to home for people who live with chronic illnesses,… Read More

Cynthia Erivo Takes Center Stage

Her early years in Hollywood are filled with high notes, and we're ready for more. Read More

Terry O’Quinn is an All-American Psycho in ‘The Stepfather’

In this edition of The Great Performances, we celebrate the actor's work in his first lead role. Read More

The Real Stories Behind ‘The Godfather’

A number of real gangsters inspired the characters of Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece. Read More

What Movies Tell Us About the Expressive Power of Mozart’s Lacrimosa

We often think about what pre-existing music tells us about films, but what do films tell us about pre-existing music? Read More

Movie of the Year: The Matrix Resurrections

For our movie of 2021, we're going back to where it all started... Read More

Performer of the Year: Michael Greyeyes

2021 was a great year for performances but only one can be named Performer of the Year. Shea Vassar explores… Read More

Filmmaker of the Year: Jane Campion

With 'The Power of the Dog,' Campion delivered a masterful take on one of cinema's most-celebrated genres. Read More