The Great Performances

Acting is an art form, and behind every iconic character is an artist expressing themselves. The Great Performances is a recurring column in which Jacob Trussell explores the art behind some of cinema’s best roles.

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Terry O’Quinn is an All-American Psycho in ‘The Stepfather’

In this edition of The Great Performances, we celebrate the actor's work in his first lead role. Read More

Courteney Cox Gave Heart to the Heartless in ‘Scream’

Cox smartly resisted making her character, Gale Weathers, a stereotype of tabloid journalism by playing her with compassion in Wes… Read More

Brandon Maggart Delivers a Killer Santa Character Study in ‘Christmas Evil’

In the pantheon of Killer Santa movies, the conversation begins and ends with Maggart’s quietly tragic performance in Lewis Jackson’s… Read More

Jim Carrey’s Grinch is the Perfect Christmas Movie Monster

Despite feeling “buried alive” by his makeup, he plays Dr. Seuss’ classic Christmas curmudgeon with heartwarming emotion. Read More

The Method to Louise Lasser’s Madness in ‘Blood Rage’

As the forlorn mother of an evil twin, she delivers an acting masterclass in this Thanksgiving-themed slasher. Read More

Harold Perrineau Made Shakespeare Sound Natural in ‘Romeo + Juliet’

His modern approach to tackling the Bard's dense language helped make one of the world's most famous plays feel accessible… Read More

Deconstructing the Duality of Naomi Watts in ‘Mulholland Drive’

Multilayered doesn’t even begin to describe the complexities of her performance in David Lynch’s cryptic classic. Read More

Bruce Campbell is the Ultimate Reluctant Hero in ‘The Evil Dead’

Are you ready to admit how much you identify with the eternal cowardice of Campbell’s iconic character in Sam Raimi’s… Read More

Only Jeff Goldblum Could Make Us Fall In Love with ‘The Fly’

Even as his body slowly mutates into a giant insect, we can’t help but be enamored by Goldblum in David… Read More