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Raven Jackson’s ‘All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt’ is a Sublime, Poetic Debut

Raven Jackson’s debut is an intimate work of stunning detail and artistic harmony. Read More

‘Fair Play’ Offers a Scathing Takedown of the Aggressively Insecure

Some are calling it an erotic thriller, but whatever the label, 'Fair Play' is a sexy, angry, and suspenseful look… Read More

‘Infinity Pool’ is a Visual Feast That Ultimately Runs Shallow

Mia Goth mesmerizes once again in the latest film from Brandon Cronenberg. Read More

Lily Gladstone Shines in the Sadly Necessary ‘Fancy Dance’

A touching and soulful film about those left behind when an indigenous woman goes missing. Read More

Natasha Lyonne is A 21st-Century Columbo in Rian Johnson’s Brilliant ‘Poker Face’

Lyonne teams up with the Knives Out filmmaker for Peacock’s new murder mystery series, and the result is some flat-out… Read More

‘The Deepest Breath’ Manages to Escape the Shallows

Some sports are more about transcendence than splashy thrills. Read More

‘Talk to Me’ Unleashes a Brutal Slice of Possession Horror

Might just make even the skeptics think twice about playing around with the supernatural. Read More

That ’90s Show Is An Endearing Encore To A Sitcom Favorite

That ‘90s Show is shaping up to be a worthy sequel to a much-loved sitcom comfort watch. Read More