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‘Longlegs’ Teases Dread, Horror, and Maybe a Little Silliness

Creepy until it's not, but still anunsettling good time for genre fans. Read More

‘Kill’ Unleashes Cathartic Thrills and Bloody Spills On a Train

All aboard for revenge, slaughter, and adult men crying! Read More

‘Horizon: An American Saga’ Begins What Looks to Be a Majestic Western Epic

You'll leave the theater immediately excited for Chapter 2. Read More

‘The Exorcism’ Is a Bumpy Ride That Doesn’t Quite Have Faith In Itself

Russell Crowe versus the devil, and not a Vespa in sight. Read More

‘Life After Fighting’ Delivers a Masterclass in DTV Action Cinema

Featuring a forty-minute dojo brawl for the ages. Read More

‘Under Paris’ Breathes Bloody Life Into a Sinking Subgenre

Requins. Pourquoi faudrait-il que ce soit des requins ? Read More

‘Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In’ Shows Hong Kong Action Cinema Is Alive and Well

It should surprise exactly no one that one of the year's best action films came out of Hong Kong. Read More

‘Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever’ Suggests Terror and Trauma Might Be Too

Hot tip boys and girls, maybe don't taunt the demented serial killer? Read More

‘Force of Nature’ Sees Bad Weather and Worse Intentions Lead to Mystery

Imagine being devious enough to lie to sweet, sweet Eric Bana. Read More