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Sloppy Execution Assassinates a Fun Conceit in ‘The Man from Toronto’

In Netflix's newest action flick, it doesn't feel like anyone involved is that invested. Read More

‘Umbrella Academy’ is Back And More Dysfunctional Than Ever

Netflix’s dysfunctional superhero saga gets bogged down by frustrating writing choices in a new season that still manages to pull… Read More

‘Spiderhead’ Is a Compelling Sci-Fi Flick with a Painfully Messy Third Act

In Netflix's 'Spiderhead," Joseph Kosinski would have been better off sticking to the source material. Read More

‘Evil’ Continues Contemplating the Horrorshow of Modern America

In its third season, unorthodox horror series Evil continues to be one of the most creative shows on TV. Read More

‘Lightyear’ is a Redundant But Entertaining Enough Pixar Adventure

You'll never believe what the future has planned for sandwiches. Read More

‘Jurassic World Dominion’ Ends the Dinosaurs’ Reign With a Whimper

Imagine thinking dinosaurs weren't the most important thing in your dinosaur movie. Read More

All Hail the ‘Mad God’

Go to Hell ... with Phil Tippett. Read More

‘Interceptor’ is an Action Romp That’s Missing the Fun

Netflix's new action film looks pretty standard, but Elsa Pataky and some solid beatdowns stand out. Read More