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‘Cry Macho’ Offers Clint Eastwood an Affecting But Meandering Farewell

Clint, a boy, and a cock named Macho walk into a bar... Read More

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Should Have Been Stuffed Into a Locker and Forgotten

You'll find it hard to care despite the film's insistence that you probably should. Read More

TIFF 2021: ‘Bergman Island’ is a Stunner Worthy of its Namesake

Mia Hansen-Løve delivers an astonishing and personal film about the process of creating an astonishing and personal film. Read More

Mike Flanagan’s ‘Midnight Mass’ is Dense and Dazzling

In Netflix's island-set limited series, exhausting religious elements are countered by great performances and inspired horror. Read More

TIFF 2021: ‘Night Raiders’ is a Sci-Fi Film with More Intent than Entertainment

Danis Goulet's Indigenous feature tackles heavy historic truths through a dystopian story. Read More

TIFF 2021: ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’ is Appropriately Campy and Flawed

Extravagant and charming, but with some bumps along the way, this is a biopic befitting its larger-than-life subject. Read More

‘Sex Education’ is Back and Better than Ever

The latest season of the empowering, entertaining series shows Moordale students fighting to let their freak flags fly. Read More

TIFF 2021: ‘The Guilty’ is a Heavy-Handed Remake of a Better Thriller

Antoine Fuqua's version is thrilling but ultimately redundant. Read More