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‘Mister Organ’ Once Again Highlights the Weirdos Hiding in Plain Sight

David Farrier has a real knack for finding the people most of us would want to avoid. Read More

‘Project Wolf Hunting’ Paints the Sea Red With a Wild Genre Mash-Up

If the Red Cross declares a blood shortage in the coming weeks, this movie is probably the reason. Read More

‘Deep Fear’ Reminds Audiences That Catacombs Belong to the Dead

Stop going spelunking, people. Most of you belong above ground. Read More

‘Athena’ Stuns With Both Beauty and Intensity

You might have to manually search for it on Netflix, but it's worth the effort. Read More

‘Glass Onion’ Is Transparently Silly But That’s Kind of the Point

Benoit Blanc is in his 'Mama Mia' era, huh? Read More

‘Triangle of Sadness’ Desperately Wants What ‘Parasite’ Has

It's always fun when a film with THIS much projectile vomit wins the Palme. Read More

‘The Beast’ Roars and Rolls to Life on Blu-ray from Imprint Films

Plus worldwide Blu-ray debuts of 'Nobody's Fool,' 'The Music of Chance,' and Ken Russell's 'Whore.' Read More