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‘Something in the Dirt’ Goes Searching for Answers and the Mysteries to Match

Isolation makes for strange bedfellows in the latest from the directors of 'Resolution' and 'Spring.' Read More

‘Dual’ is a Battle Between Stellar Premise and Wobbly Execution

Karen Gillan struggles against herself in the latest from the director of 'Faults' and 'The Art of Self Defense.' Read More

‘Emily the Criminal’ Teaches a Low-Key Masterclass in Tension

Aubrey Plaza shines in a criminally adjacent Los Angeles. Read More

‘Pam & Tommy’ is as Humanizing as It is Entertaining

Hulu’s series about the celebrity sex tape scandal that rocked the '90s mostly forgoes salaciousness in favor of empathy for… Read More

‘Alice’ is an Uneasy But Bold Reckoning with America’s Grotesque “History”

The less you know about it, the better, but it's probably already too late for you. Read More

‘Sharp Stick’ Marks a Confusing Return for Lena Dunham

Dunham is back with her first movie in over a decade. Read More

‘Piggy’ Delivers a Stark But Thrilling Condemnation of Bullying

Justice comes for teenage bullies, and only their victim holds the key to their survival. Read More

‘Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.’ is Two Movies When It Should Be One

But you can't be too mad about its structural sin when you have Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall quietly… Read More

‘Watcher’ Chases Maika Monroe With Uncertainty and Dread

It seems Maika Monroe is being followed once again. Or is she? Read More