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‘The Eternal Daughter’ is a Haunting Depiction of the Nature of Memory

Joanna Hogg and Tilda Swinton reunite in a mystery that marks one of the year's best films. Read More

The New ‘Willow’ Series Is A Super-Fun Fantasy Throwback

Warwick Davis returns alongside a charming young cast in the fun Disney+ sequel to Ron Howard’s 1988 fantasy film. Read More

‘Strange World’ Explores the Familiar By Way of the Unknown

Fathers and sons are a steady source of both conflict and redemption, no matter what world you're on. Read More

Jenna Ortega Makes Teen Mystery ‘Wednesday’ Worth Watching

Neither the Tim Burton treatment nor the Netflix treatment can fully redeem the teen mystery Wednesday, but a great lead… Read More

‘Dead To Me’ Ends With Its Best Season Yet

Dead To Me is back for a surprising and emotional final season, and the series ends on a definite high… Read More

‘Falling for Christmas’ Invites Audiences to Fall in Love With Lindsay Lohan All Over Again

In her return to the rom-com, Lindsay Lohan excels in a heartwarming, delightfully predictable Christmas flick. Read More

‘Holy Spider’ Is a Compelling True Crime Tale That Idolizes Its Killer

When dramatizing a real serial killer’s reign, we need to think more about the victims and the people who loved… Read More

‘The Crown’ Has Finally Lost Some Luster in Season 5

Scripts that lack subtlety and a focus on all the wrong characters make this the weakest season in the series’… Read More

“The Inspection” Is An Intensely Personal Boot Camp Drama

The promising debut narrative feature from Elegance Bratton never quite finds its narrative balance. Read More