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‘Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever’ Suggests Terror and Trauma Might Be Too

Hot tip boys and girls, maybe don't taunt the demented serial killer? Read More

‘Force of Nature’ Sees Bad Weather and Worse Intentions Lead to Mystery

Imagine being devious enough to lie to sweet, sweet Eric Bana. Read More

Imprint Asia Spotlights Asian Cinema With Its Inaugural Blu-ray Releases

Lost in the Stars, The Sea Is Watching, and The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi kick off a new line from Imprint… Read More

‘Sting’ Sends an Extraterrestrial Arachnid Into Your Nightmares

Go ahead, google "Australian spider," and then never sleep again. Read More

‘Monkey Man’ Takes Big Swings Even If It Sometimes Misses the Mark

Dev Patel's ambition is evident even if it doesn't always reach its target. Read More

‘Late Night With the Devil’ Delivers Gory Thrills and a Killer Lead Performance

It's no 'Ghostwatch,' but it's still worth a watch. Read More

‘Exhuma’ Goes Digging for Big, Fun Horror Movie Thrills, and It Strikes Gold

Reason #74 why cremation is better and smarter than burying a corpse in the earth. Read More

‘Love Lies Bleeding’ Delivers a Beautiful Love Story Rubbed in the Dirt

Kristen Stewart and Katy O'Brian will have you cheering for true romance. Read More