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Wandavision Jess Hall Cinematography

How They Shot ‘WandaVision’ with One Camera and 47 Lenses


We chat with cinematographer Jess Hall about the process of duplicating seven television eras for the Marvel series.

The Empty Man Th Century Fox

How David Prior’s ‘The Empty Man’ Survived the Perfect Hollywood Storm


We talk to the filmmaker about the unfortunate fate of his ambitious horror fIlm.

Cherry Henry Jackman Apple Tv

Henry Jackman Cooks Musical Chaos in His Laboratory for ‘Cherry’


We chat with the composer about embracing instrumental instability to craft the ambiguous score sought by The Russo Brothers.

Marcus Watson Intimacy Coordinator

How an Intimacy Coordinator Affects Story on a Film Set


We chat with intimacy coordinator Marcus Watson about how he shares the same mission as costumes, stunts, and production design. They’re all there for the story.

Jay Baruchel Random Acts Of Violence

Jay Baruchel Makes His Camera a Ghost for ‘Random Acts of Violence’


We chat with the director about finally making the horror film that lingered in his head for over a decade.

Saint Maud Rose Glass

‘Maud’ and God: A Conversation with Rose Glass


The writer-director’s debut feature, ‘Saint Maud,’ is finally coming to US screens. We got on the phone with her nearly a year ago.

The Maltese Falcon

Danny Huston Talks Growing Up with ‘The Maltese Falcon’


As John Huston’s directorial debut turns 80 years old, his son speaks to its lasting legacy in film history.

James Kniest Haunting Of Bly Manor Cinematography

New House, New Horrors: Cinematographer James Kniest on the Visual Distinction of ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’


Kniest discusses the gothic romance of the Netflix series, plus horror tropes, time jumps, and the black & white episode.

Mark Isham Bill and Ted

‘Bill & Ted’ Composer Mark Isham Literally Faces the Music


We talk to the Oscar-nominee about his latest score.