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Godzilla Vs Kong Adam Wingard

Adam Wingard on Shooting ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ as an Immersive 800 MPH Brawl


We chat with the director about attaching cameras to fins and fists and why these two titans reign over all others.

WandaVision Visual Effects

Why the ‘WandaVision’ Visual Effects Team Went Blue for Vision


We chat with VFX Supervisor Tara DeMarco about the challenges of capturing a physical performance in a digital construct.

Russo Brothers Cherry

Anthony Russo Explains How Six Tones are Better than One in ‘Cherry’


We chat with the director about his new film and how he and his brother jumbled genres to capture life in chaos.

Roseanne Liang Shadow In The Cloud

Roseanne Liang Wants to Live and Die Making Action Movies


From her days in film school in New Zealand to most recently shooting monster action, she has always had action movies in her DNA. 

Craig Brewer Filmography

How Craig Brewer Went from Couch Surfing to ‘Coming 2 America’


We talk to the filmmaker about his career, the truth about ‘Hustle & Flow,’ and his work with Eddie Murphy.

Wandavision Jess Hall Cinematography

How They Shot ‘WandaVision’ with One Camera and 47 Lenses


We chat with cinematographer Jess Hall about the process of duplicating seven television eras for the Marvel series.

The Empty Man Th Century Fox

How David Prior’s ‘The Empty Man’ Survived the Perfect Hollywood Storm


We talk to the filmmaker about the unfortunate fate of his ambitious horror fIlm.

Cherry Henry Jackman Apple Tv

Henry Jackman Cooks Musical Chaos in His Laboratory for ‘Cherry’


We chat with the composer about embracing instrumental instability to craft the ambiguous score sought by The Russo Brothers.

Marcus Watson Intimacy Coordinator

How an Intimacy Coordinator Affects Story on a Film Set


We chat with intimacy coordinator Marcus Watson about how he shares the same mission as costumes, stunts, and production design. They’re all there for the story.