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Dscf Raf

Michael Shannon and the State of Small-town Sinners in ‘The Quarry’


The actor discusses the timeliness and attraction of his new film about personhood and redemption.

Sea Fever Screenshot

‘Sea Fever’ is a Monster Movie with No Monsters, Just Animals That Gotta Eat


We chat with writer/director Neasa Hardiman and actress Connie Nielsen about the missions that drove them to make a creature feature.

Eunice Huthart Screencap

Eunice Huthart on the Physical Revolution Required for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’


We chat with the stunt coordinator about the daily sacrifice committed by the actors, and how pleasure and pain become one for ‘Star Wars.’

All The Bright Places

Brett Haley on the Knee-jerk Filmmaking Required for ‘All the Bright Places’


We chat with the director about the connective power of cinema, and why we all need it right now.

Rise Of Skywalker Creatures

Neal Scanlan On Making the Monsters and Cuddly Critters of ‘Star Wars’


We talk with the creature and special make-up effects creative supervisor about his passionate journey on ‘The Rise of Skywalker.’

King Kong 1933 Empire State Building Screenshot

We Can’t Escape ‘King Kong’


We talk to ‘King Kong’ expert Ray Morton about the inescapable attraction of the 1933 film.

kelly reichardt first cow

Kelly Reichardt on How ‘First Cow’ Questions the Myth of America’s Roots


We spoke with Kelly Reichardt about how her crew prepared for this film, what draws her to the Western genre, and what she needs from a story. 

King Kong Fay Wray

The Daughter of Fay Wray Explains the Grip of ‘King Kong’ on Cinema


We talk with Victoria Riskin about her mother’s experience on ‘King Kong’ and how the film permeated their lives and ours.


The Wilderness of ‘Wendy’: A Conversation with Benh Zeitlin


“No one had ever made anything like this before…”