Lisa Gullickson

Lisa Gullickson is a freelance writer and podcaster. When she's not clickety-clacking on Film School Rejects, you can find her talking comics and self-care on Comic Book Couples Counseling. Accepting words of affirmation on Twitter: @sidewalksiren (She/Her)
The Toxic Avenger Macon Blair Reboot

Macon Blair’s ‘The Toxic Avenger’ Delivers Wholesome Splatstick

By Lisa Gullickson 

At Fantastic Fest, we caught the new Toxie reboot and found a film caught between two intriguing impulses.

Mister Organ

Good vs. Gaslighting in David Farrier’s ‘Mister Organ’

By Lisa Gullickson 

We chat with the ‘Tickled’ director about his new documentary descent into madness.

Fantastic Fest 2022 Winners

Best of the Fest: The Biggest Winners of Fantastic Fest 2022

By Brad Gullickson, and Lisa Gullickson 

Fully recovered from the event, we name 2022’s Fantastic Fest winners. These are the best of the fest, the weirdo gems like no other.

The Menu Mark Mylod Betsy Koch Fantastic Fest

Mark Mylod’s ‘The Menu’ Weighs the High Price of Sophistication

By Lisa Gullickson 

At Fantastic Fest, we chat with the director Mark Mylod and producing partner Besty Koch about their new thriller, ‘The Menu,’ and how fine dining spoils food culture for the rest of us.

Smile Fantastic Fest Horror Film

Parker Finn’s ‘Smile’ Exposes Our Revulsion to Others’ Trauma

By Lisa Gullickson 

The new horror film leaves the viewer shaken in a way that surpasses its exceptionally executed jump-scares.

Paper Girls Interview

The Anti-Nostalgia of ‘Paper Girls’

By Lisa Gullickson 

We interview the cast and crew of Paper Girls and discuss how the series challenges cookie-cutter nostalgia entertainment.

Comic Con Musical Anatomy Of Superhero

Comic-Con Dissects the Musical Anatomy of a Superhero

By Lisa Gullickson 

We attended the 8th Annual Anatomy of a Super Hero Panel and uncovered the multiple pains and stresses facing many modern film composers.

Beyond Amazing Spider Man Comic Con Museum Spidey

The Comic-Con Museum Celebrates Spider-Man’s 60th Birthday

By Lisa Gullickson 

We wander through the Beyond Amazing Spider-Man exhibit, communing with the artifacts of Ditko, Romita, McFarlane, and Lee.