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Tigers Are Not Afraid

Issa López on the Compulsion to Create During the Pandemic


We chat with the director of ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’ about her upcoming projects with Guillermo del Toro and Noah Hawley.


Jeff Barnaby On Bringing ‘Blood Quantum’ to the Screen and the Relevance of Zombie Movies


We chat with the filmmaker about the 13 years that went into making his zombie thriller and where he plans to go next with Indigenous horror movies.

To The Stars Press

Martha Stephens on Shooting ‘To the Stars’ Simultaneously in Black and White and Color


We chat with the director about why she chose the impossible task of shooting two versions of her film.

Hollywood Unit Rc

Behind the Best Part of Netflix’s ‘Hollywood’


Sarah Evelyn and Lou Eyrich talk about how they made the 1940s come alive through costume design.

Lost In Space Season Screenshot

DP Sam McCurdy on Bringing Noir to ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Lost In Space’


We chat with the cinematographer about the lovely landscape of darkness needed to bring big screen art to the small screen.

Tales From The Loop Screenshot

DP Jeff Cronenweth on Selecting the Tools to Shoot ‘Tales from the Loop’


We chat with the cinematographer about how determining color and focus are essential to achieving narrative.

Kelly Gang Bts

Justin Kurzel on ‘The Kelly Gang,’ Australian Gothic Mythology, and the Perfection of George MacKay


We chat with the filmmaker about bringing the emotional truth of an outlaw icon to the screen and the process of capturing a very different side of Australia.

Eb Pressbts

Drake Doremus Talks ‘Endings, Beginnings’ and Love at First Sight with Sebastian Stan


The filmmaker discusses casting, happy accidents, and rewriting in the edit room.

The Brood Screenshot

Comic Book Legend Stephen R. Bissette Wrote a 660 Page Book About Cronenberg’s ‘The Brood’


We chat with the writer and artist about his compulsion to dissect – in detail – David Cronenberg’s horrifyingly rageful tale of divorce.