Naomi Elias

Naomi Elias is a contributor at Film School Rejects. Her work has also appeared on IGN, Pajiba, Nylon, and Syfy Wire. You can follow her on Twitter here: @naomi_elias (she/her)
Leverage Redemption Cast

‘Leverage: Redemption’ is a Satisfying Second Act

By Naomi Elias 

The revival is no doubt targeting the avid fan base from the original series but it is also well-attuned to the zeitgeist.

Evil Season Demon

‘EVIL’ Continues to Be Devious Must-See TV with Season 2

By Naomi Elias 

If EVIL season one was a meditation on the nature of evil, season two is a deep dive into its power to corrupt.

Superstore Depositions

‘Superstore’ is the Show We Needed But Didn’t Deserve

By Naomi Elias 

This is not the kind of show that should be canceled. It’s the kind of show that should be replicated.

Women Of The Expanse

The Women of ‘The Expanse’ Will Be the Show’s Greatest Legacy

By Naomi Elias 

We spotlight five of the many complex female characters that populate the sci-fi series.

Human Monsters Tv

Humans are the Scariest Monsters in Genre Television

By Naomi Elias 

We look at the “humans are the real monsters” trope and present seven classic examples.

Harry Belafonte Tonight Show

When Harry Belafonte Hosted ‘The Tonight Show’ and Changed Television Forever

By Naomi Elias 

Yoruba Richen’s documentary ‘The Sit-In: Harry Belafonte Hosts The Tonight Show’ revisits a mostly lost but never forgotten week of television.


Exploring The Brilliance of ‘The Magicians’ in 6 Key Episodes

By Naomi Elias 

For five spellbinding seasons, the show has told deeply human stories about deeply human characters that just so happen to live in a world that has magic.

Get Out Daniel Kaluuya

‘Get Out’ the Book: Read Jordan Peele’s Notes On His Iconic Film

By Naomi Elias 

We’ve handpicked some of the best annotations Jordan Peele shares in Get Out: The Annotated Screenplay. Reading them will change how you watch the movie.


14 ‘Supernatural’ Music Cues That Prove Rock Is Part of The Show’s DNA

By Naomi Elias 

Here’s why watching ‘Supernatural’ feels like you are eavesdropping on two brothers having the greatest (and also longest) road trip ever.