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Jonathan Freeman Defending Jacob

Jonathan Freeman Explains the Craft of Intimacy in ‘Defending Jacob’


We chat with cinematographer Jonathan Freeman about how he manipulated distance literally and metaphorically for the new Apple TV+ series ‘Defending Jacob.’

She Dies Tomorrow Jay Keitel Spells

Jay Keitel Shaped Amy Seimetz’s Dread into Action in ‘She Dies Tomorrow’


We chat with cinematographer Jay Keitel about the playful variety of cameras used to capture anxiety in ‘She Dies Tomorrow.’

Insecure Ava Berkofsky

Ava Berkofsky Discusses the Evolution of Self and Style in ‘Insecure’


We chat with the Emmy-nominated cinematographer about blending the emotions of her characters with her locations.

George A Romero The Living Dead

‘The Living Dead’ Completes the Full George A. Romero Experience


We chat with Daniel Kraus about his collaboration (posthumously) with George A. Romero, and how ‘The Living Dead’ contains every element you expect from the director’s films.

Liz Garbus I'll Be Gone in the Dark Oswalt

Liz Garbus on the Vulnerability of ‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’


In this interview, filmmaker Liz Garbus discusses the making of her hit docuseries I’ll Be Gone in the Dark and the state of the true crime genre.

Archive Gavin Rothery Interview

Director Gavin Rothery Chases Small Sci-Fi in ‘Archive’


We chat with first-time director Gavin Rothery about transitioning from a conceptual artist on ‘Moon’ to behind the camera on the similarily themed ‘Archive.’

Snowpiercer Daveed Diggs Jennifer Connelly

‘Snowpiercer’ Director James Hawes on Making the Series Unique


We interview one of the directors of TNT’s ‘Snowpiercer’ series to discuss how the show differentiates itself from the 2013 movie.

Richard Shepard

Richard Shepard Walks Us Through Directing the ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Pilot


We sit down with director Richard Shepard for a conversation about making of the pilot for the NBC series Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist.

Milkwater Screenshot

Morgan Ingari on Destroying the Story in Your Head to Make the Movie for Your Reality


We talk with the director of ‘Milkwater’ about the practicalities of shooting your script in the real world.