Women Of The Expanse

The Women of ‘The Expanse’ Will Be the Show’s Greatest Legacy


We spotlight five of the many complex female characters that populate the sci-fi series.

Sense And Sensibility Movie

The Cathartic Power of ‘Sense and Sensibility’


For its 25th anniversary, we look at how Ang Lee and Emma Thompson’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel subverts expectations of female heroines.

Brokeback Mountain Landscape

Landscape as Metaphor in ‘Brokeback Mountain’


Ang Lee shoots his subjects predominantly in long lenses to convey a sense of inescapable loneliness.

Star Trek Uss Enterprise starship registry numbers

In New ‘Star Trek,’ is Discovery “A” OK?


We look at the history of Starship registry numbers and why the latest may be a controversial addition to the canon.

Black Swan OCD Portman

The Portrayal of OCD in ‘Black Swan’


Beyond its body horror and psychedelic visuals, the 2010 film tells a story of living with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Zodiac Beginning

‘Zodiac’ and Setting the Scene for a Serial Killer


In the first scene of ‘Zodiac,’ David Fincher makes it clear that catching a killer is no easy feat.

Ace In The Hole

Good News is No News: The Corruption of American Media in ‘Ace in the Hole’


Billy Wilder’s 1951 film noir masterpiece is an unforgiving satire of the American media and its audience.

Mank David Fincher Netflix

David Fincher’s Long and Winding Road to ‘Mank’


This movie and its lack of serial killers and murder is a strange choice for the filmmaker. Or is it?

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Netflix

‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’ Brings Cheer by Any Means Necessary


The sequel continues its presentation of a gruff, badass Santa Claus in the form of Kurt Russell, and we require his forceful feeding of good cheer more this holiday than ever.