Jenna Benchetrit

Jenna is a writer from Montreal. When not rewatching 'Broadcast News', she can be found working on a master's degree in journalism.
Ace In The Hole

Good News is No News: The Corruption of American Media in ‘Ace in the Hole’

By Jenna Benchetrit 

Billy Wilder’s 1951 film noir masterpiece is an unforgiving satire of the American media and its audience.

American Pickle humor Rogens

Breaking Down the Visual Humor of ‘An American Pickle’

By Jenna Benchetrit 

The Seth Rogen comedy is an intergenerational farce with great visual appeal.

Kate Lyn Sheil She Dies Tomorrow Mortality

How Amy Seimetz Confronts Mortality in ‘She Dies Tomorrow’

By Jenna Benchetrit 

From the writer-director of ‘Sun Don’t Shine’ comes a film that lifts the veil on death and everything leading up to it.

The Hole

Intimacy and Isolation in Tsai Ming-Liang’s ‘The Hole’

By Jenna Benchetrit 

The Taiwanese filmmaker’s 1998 drama contemplates romantic fantasy in the midst of a virus outbreak.

Lars And The Real Girl

Filling a Lonely Void in ‘Lars and the Real Girl’

By Jenna Benchetrit 

The 2007 film is a lesson in empathy and a cheeky ode to the power of childlike imagination.

Inside Llewyn Davis

‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ and the Battlefield of Authenticity

By Jenna Benchetrit 

The Coen Brothers’ 2013 film poses big questions about musical authenticity and sellout culture.

Best Comedy Movies Groundhog Day

‘Groundhog Day’ and the Tragicomedy of Self-Hatred

By Jenna Benchetrit 

The 1993 comedy classic teaches us how to live with ourselves, over and over and over again.

In Fabric

The ‘In Fabric’ Trailer Promises A Spooky Descent Into Retail Horror

By Jenna Benchetrit 

A24’s first trailer for the film promises the department store horror you’ve always wanted.

The Way We Were Header

The Politics of Being an Outsider in ‘The Way We Were’

By Jenna Benchetrit 

The classic 70s romance wears its heart — and hair — on its sleeve.