Wonder Woman Melodrama

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and the Melodrama of the Gods


The sequel wants nothing to do with a recognizable reality. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot are here to clash with titans.

Kate Lyn Sheil She Dies Tomorrow Mortality

How 2020 Was Unintentionally Reflected in the Movies of 2020


We reflect on films that somehow managed to successfully capture the cultural zeitgeist of this year.

Host Fsr header

2020 Was the Year of Found Footage and Creative DIY Filmmaking


Even a pandemic can’t stop horror filmmakers from tapping into the found footage genre to create terror in the digital world.

Ma Raineys Black Bottom

‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ Escapes the Trap of Stage-to-Screen


The adaptation finds validation through two crackling performances from Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman.

Never rarely sometimes always empathy in movies of 2020

Exploring Radical Empathy in the Movies of 2020


In 2020, films asked us to look at unconventional ways we can connect with people when they need it most.

Women Of The Expanse

The Women of ‘The Expanse’ Will Be the Show’s Greatest Legacy


We spotlight five of the many complex female characters that populate the sci-fi series.

Sense And Sensibility Movie

The Cathartic Power of ‘Sense and Sensibility’


For its 25th anniversary, we look at how Ang Lee and Emma Thompson’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel subverts expectations of female heroines.

Brokeback Mountain Landscape

Landscape as Metaphor in ‘Brokeback Mountain’


Ang Lee shoots his subjects predominantly in long lenses to convey a sense of inescapable loneliness.

Star Trek Uss Enterprise starship registry numbers

In New ‘Star Trek,’ is Discovery “A” OK?


We look at the history of Starship registry numbers and why the latest may be a controversial addition to the canon.