Host Zoom Horror Film

How One Shot from ‘Host’ Encapsulates the Film’s Horror


You use Zoom. I use Zoom. We all use Zoom. So what happens when it becomes a vehicle for evil?

The Sopranos Employee Of The Month Melfi

Reliving the Toughest Episode of ‘The Sopranos’


“Employee of the Month” is a masterful hour of television, but it’s also a brutal, emotional viewing experience.

Dazed And Confused

‘Dazed and Confused’ and Richard Linklater’s Commitment to Nostalgia


For his 60th birthday, we look back at what makes Linklater’s ode to the ’70s such a classic.

Women Make Film

How TCM’s ‘Women Make Film’ Makes Up for Film Education’s Exclusivity


Mark Cousins’ documentary and TCM’s accompanying programming expands the reach of conventional film education to a wider audience with a more diverse slate of movies.

Rosy McEwen Alienist

Newcomer Rosy McEwen Shines in ‘The Alienist: Angel of Darkness’


The breakout performance makes for an enthralling, gruesome second season of the TNT crime drama.

American Pickle humor Rogens

Breaking Down the Visual Humor of ‘An American Pickle’


The Seth Rogen comedy is an intergenerational farce with great visual appeal.

Hereditary Book

Why A24’s ‘Hereditary’ Screenplay Book is a Worthy Investment


If you can’t get enough of ‘Hereditary,’ the A24 Shop has just the thing.

Brendan Fraser The Mummy

The Multifaceted Career of Brendan Fraser


There is a Brendan Fraserssance on the horizon, which is overdue for this versatile performer.