Pretend Its A City Fran Lebowitz Martin Scorsese friends

Martin Scorsese Just Wants to Hang Out with His Friends


His recent work is full of small moments that remind us to keep our friends close and to hang out with them whenever possible.

Gremlins mini monsters

Mini Monsters Will Always Be More Terrifying Than Titans


We’re looking out for the little guys in this tribute to ‘Gremlins,’ ‘Critters,’ and other movies with tiny terrors.

The Mist

The Hidden Monsters of ‘The Mist’


In this Stephen King adaptation, there is one creature that is more terrifying than the monsters themselves: fear.

Ghost In The Shell sex or utilitarian

Navigating Sexuality and Utility in ‘Ghost in the Shell’


Mamuro Oshii’s 1995 anime is a fascinating examination of the female cyborg and her assumed sexuality.

Thief Michael Mann

An Ode to the Diner Scene in Michael Mann’s ‘Thief’


Proof that lowkey doesn’t have to mean dull and that a conversation can have as much tension as a heist sequence.

Gamera Guardian Of The Universe

Gamera: the Godzilla Knockoff That Became So Much More


Gamera may have begun as a cheap Godzilla knockoff, but the flying fire-breathing turtle has earned his place at the big boy kaiju table.

World Of Wong Kar Wai

The Infinite Reinvention of Wong Kar Wai


With the release of The Criterion Collection’s “World of Wong Kar Wai” set, we look at how Hong Kong’s King of Cool has built an inimitable career on repetition and iteration.

Cloverfield Found Footage Movie Monsters

‘Cloverfield,’ ‘Trollhunter,’ and the Birth of the Found Footage Monster Movie


DIY aesthetics meet big budget productions in two films from the late aughts.