Anna Swanson

Anna Swanson is a Senior Contributor who hails from Toronto. She can usually be found at the nearest rep screening of a Brian De Palma film.
Horror Movies About Revenge

10 Most Memorable Horror Movies About Revenge

By Anna Swanson 

They all had it coming.

Tiff Winners

Best of the Fest: The Biggest Winners of TIFF 2022

By Meg Shields, and Anna Swanson 

Another TIFF is in the bag. And you know what that means: superlatives!

The Kingdom Exodus

‘The Kingdom: Exodus’ Is A Welcome Return For One Of Lars von Trier’s Strangest Creations

By Anna Swanson 

Swedes, watch at your own risk.

One Fine Morning Tiff

‘One Fine Morning’ Is Brilliant And Touching, Except When It’s Not

By Anna Swanson 

How to separate the optimists from the pessimists: is the film half good or half bad?

The Fablemans Review Steven Spielberg

‘The Fabelmans’ is a Personal Journey Through Memories and Moviemaking

By Anna Swanson 

As long as Spielberg is at the helm, a love letter to film isn’t cliche, it’s genius.

Deep Water

The Beginner’s Guide to Essential Erotic Thrillers

By Meg Shields, and Anna Swanson 

If ‘Deep Water’ leaves you wet, wild, and wanting more, fear not: we’ve got a list of movies to tide you over.

Movie Of The Year The Matrix Resurrections

Movie of the Year: The Matrix Resurrections

By Anna Swanson 

For our movie of 2021, we’re going back to where it all started…

Drew Barrymore in Scream

13 Movies to Watch if You Like Wes Craven’s ‘Scream’

By Anna Swanson, and Meg Shields 

Do you like scary movies? We sure do. Here are some that remind us a whole lot of Wes Craven’s meta-horror classic.

Burn After Reading Cast

Reading ‘Burn After Reading’ As A Shakespearean Tragedy

By Anna Swanson 

In which men are spurred by their more conniving counterparts played by Frances McDormand, and the similarities don’t stop there.