Emily Kubincanek

Emily Kubincanek is a Senior Contributor for Film School Rejects and resident classic Hollywood fan. When she's not writing about old films, she works as a librarian and film archivist. You can find her tweeting about Cary Grant and hockey here: @emilykub_
Turner Classic Movies

A World Without Turner Classic Movies

By Emily Kubincanek 

If TCM doesn’t last under David Zaslav, we lose much more than just a television channel.

Black Sunday Italian Horror Film

The Great Italian Film That Followed the WWII Ban on Horror

By Emily Kubincanek 

‘Black Sunday’ is seen as the first great Italian horror film thanks to Mario Bava’s innovation and additions to the gothic horror story.

Movie That Almost Ruined Hollywoods Most Romanticized Marriage

The Movie that Almost Ruined Hollywood’s Most Romanticized Marriage

By Emily Kubincanek 

Paul Newman directed his wife Joanne Woodward in her most difficult role for ‘The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds,’ but why has it been overlooked in their careers?

Kay Francis in Mary Stevens Md

‘Mary Stevens, M.D.’ and the Approachable Modern Woman Kay Francis

By Emily Kubincanek 

Even as a professional working woman in a man’s world, Kay Francis was able to be the feminine, approachable gateway into evolving gender roles.

Targets 1968 movie Scope

‘Targets’ Made Modern Horror More Real and More Terrifying

By Emily Kubincanek 

Peter Bogdanovich’s first film (and Boris Karloff’s final film) should be looked at as more than a stepping stone to greatness. It was also genre-changing.

Beyond The Rocks Silent Film

Two Silent Stars Collide in ‘Beyond the Rocks’

By Emily Kubincanek 

100 years has passed since Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino worked together, but the story of their production is still fascinating today.

Ill Be Seeing You

‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ and How Rewarding Sad Christmas Movies Can Be

By Emily Kubincanek 

The best holiday movies take on the realistic struggles of our lives and turn them into heartwarming stories, including ‘I’ll Be Seeing You.’

The Mortal Storm James Stewart

Once Untimely, ‘The Mortal Storm’ Proves Timeless Years Later

By Emily Kubincanek 

While critics and audiences thought it was untimely in 1940, the themes it explores have proved to be timeless as years have passed.

Its A Wonderful Life Stewart

The Evolution of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Over 75 Years

By Emily Kubincanek 

Many people know it began as a flop and became a classic, but there is much more to the story of Frank Capra’s holiday staple.