Emily Kubincanek

Emily Kubincanek is a Senior Contributor for Film School Rejects and resident classic Hollywood fan. When she's not writing about old films, she works as a librarian and film archivist. You can find her tweeting about Cary Grant and hockey here: @emilykub_
Sin Of Nora Moran

Pre-Code Surrealism in ‘The Sin of Nora Moran’

By Emily Kubincanek 

This existential nonlinear Pre-Code melodrama has remained largely unseen, but the film is just as exciting to watch today as it was in 1933.

Alicia Malone TCM

TCM’s Alicia Malone Talks ‘Women Make Film’ and the Importance of Contextualizing Classic Hollywood

By Emily Kubincanek 

Film historian and TCM host Alicia Malone discusses what makes ‘Women Make Film’ different from other film documentaries and what we can learn from old movies.

Women Make Film

How TCM’s ‘Women Make Film’ Makes Up for Film Education’s Exclusivity

By Emily Kubincanek 

Mark Cousins’ documentary and TCM’s accompanying programming expands the reach of conventional film education to a wider audience with a more diverse slate of movies.

Rosy McEwen Alienist

Newcomer Rosy McEwen Shines in ‘The Alienist: Angel of Darkness’

By Emily Kubincanek 

The breakout performance makes for an enthralling, gruesome second season of the TNT crime drama.

Liz Garbus I'll Be Gone in the Dark Oswalt

Liz Garbus on the Vulnerability of ‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’

By Emily Kubincanek 

In this interview, filmmaker Liz Garbus discusses the making of her hit docuseries I’ll Be Gone in the Dark and the state of the true crime genre.

Hays Code

The Past and Present of Censorship in America

By Emily Kubincanek 

Looking at the Hays Code and beyond, we learn from the past to understand the debate about censorship today.

I May Destroy You Coel

‘I May Destroy You’ and the Power of Vocalizing Trauma

By Emily Kubincanek 

Michaela Coel’s HBO series depicts an aspect of sexual trauma untouched by other shows in a brilliant way.

Michelle Mcnamara

‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ Honors Michelle McNamara’s Memory and Work

By Emily Kubincanek 

Liz Garbus’ docuseries showcases what Michelle McNamara achieved while she was alive and the impact she’s had since her death.

Once Upon A Time Leo Point

The Evolution of Watching Movies at Home

By Emily Kubincanek 

From old Hollywood releases on television to the new Spike Lee Joint on Netflix, we look at how watching movies at home has evolved since the 1950s.