The Flag Smashers Bane Problem

Defining “The Bane Problem” in ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’


When superhero stories try to address real-life social and political issues, conflicts of interest may occur.

Bridesmaids Food Poisoning Scene

‘Bridesmaids’ Perfected Gross-Out Humor


For the movie’s 10th anniversary, we break down the food poisoning scene and how it’s more than just a throwaway bit.

Debate Week Best Picture Losers Whiplash

‘Whiplash’ is an Exhilarating Oscar-Worthy Drum Solo


With his 2014 Best Picture nominee, Damien Chazelle takes a film about music to the next level.

Oscar Predictions Final Ballot

2021 Oscar Predictions: The Final Ballot


It’s time to bring our 2021 Oscar predictions series to a close with the reveal of our final ballot. Here’s who we think will and should win on Sunday night.

Oscar Predictions Picture Director

2021 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture and Best Director


Will it be a big night for ChloĆ© Zhao and ‘Nomadland’? Or can ‘Minari’ sneak in with a surprise win. Here’s what we think will happen on Oscar night 2021 in the Best Picture and Best Director categories.

Oscar Predictions Other Best Pictures

2021 Oscar Predictions: The Other Best Pictures


As part of our 2021 Oscar Predictions series, we make picks for The Other Best Picture categories: Animated, Documentary, International, and the Shorts categories.

Debate Week Best Picture Losers Babe

‘Babe’ is an Award-Worthy Tale About the Underpig


Nominated for Best Picture in 1996, ‘Babe’ is not just a story about a talking pig but also about compassion and believing in yourself.

Debate Week Best Picture Losers Social Network

Why ‘The Social Network’ is the Best Movie to Lose Best Picture


You don’t get to become an Oscar contender without making a few enemies.

Debate Week Best Picture Losers Elephant Man

‘The Elephant Man’ is the Most Empathetic Film to Lose Best Picture


David Lynch has an exceptional grasp on what it means to be human.