Hans Qu

Hans Qu is an animator with Strong Opinions about animation. Along with said opinions, his art and animation can be found on his Bird App account: @NerdyChineseBoy
Wish Dragon Netflix

How ‘Wish Dragon’ Traces The Story of Aladdin Back to Ancient China

By Hans Qu 

From ancient China to the modern cinema, the new Netflix animated feature has centuries of storytelling tradition in its bones.

The Flag Smashers Bane Problem

Defining “The Bane Problem” in ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

By Hans Qu 

When superhero stories try to address real-life social and political issues, conflicts of interest may occur.

Blue Sky Animation

Remembering the Animation of Blue Sky Studios

By Hans Qu 

As Disney shutters the 20th Century Fox animation division, we look back fondly on what they did best.

Earwig And The Witch

‘Earwig and the Witch’ Pioneers a New Frontier for Studio Ghibli

By Hans Qu 

Studio Ghibli’s first CGI feature sees the passing of the torch from father to son.

Lupin The Third

Reimagining an Icon in ‘Lupin III: The First’

By Hans Qu 

Lupin III is one of the first icons of manga and anime history. A new film that takes the character into 3D animation for the first time lives up to all the expectations that come with that legacy.

American Vandal

‘American Vandal’ Was Expelled Too Early

By Hans Qu 

The critically acclaimed mockumentary had so much more territory to explore.


The Adaptation ‘Percy Jackson’ Deserves

By Hans Qu 

The Harry Potter of Greek heroes is returning to the screen after his first 2010 attempt.


Pixar is Obsessed With ‘The Odyssey’

By Hans Qu 

The hero’s journey takes place on a hero’s journey.

Ceaeedeb X

The Other ‘Birds of Prey’

By Hans Qu 

The girls have history.