Hans Qu

Hans Qu is an animator with Strong Opinions about animation. Along with said opinions, his art and animation can be found on his Bird App account: @NerdyChineseBoy

The Magical Realism of Makoto Shinkai

By Hans Qu 

The acclaimed director’s latest feature stands out as a delightful modern-day fable.


Watchmen Explained: What is the Peteypedia?

By Hans Qu 

A look at the supplementary material for HBO’s hit series.

Star Wars Force Taoism

Star Wars: The Force and Taoism

By Hans Qu 

The Force is about balance.

Black Panther T'challa Killmonger Challenge

Why Marvel Heroes Always Fight Villains with the Same Powers

By Hans Qu 

Duality is an important element to story structure.

Flash Gordon

What Today’s Sci-Fi Should Learn from ‘Flash Gordon’

By Hans Qu 

He’ll save every one of us.


‘Promare’ Review: Anime With A Burning Soul

By Hans Qu 

The only thing cooler than firefighters is firefighters in mechas.

Bee Movie

The Bee-zarre History of ‘Bee Movie’ Memes

By Hans Qu 

Ya like jazz?


‘Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’ and Taking Up the ‘Evangelion’ Torch

By Hans Qu 

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann makes an interesting contrast with the oh-so-famous Evangelion.

X Men Wolverine

X-Men’s Cinema of Compromise

By Hans Qu 

2000’s first hero hit kept it’s distance from the comics.