Hans Qu

Hans Qu is an animator with Strong Opinions about animation. Along with said opinions, his art and animation can be found on his Bird App account: @NerdyChineseBoy

Exploring the Cartoon Noir Cinematography of ‘Detective Pikachu’

By Hans Qu 

“Play it again, Salamence.”

Spoilers Tension Endgames

On Spoilers, Tension, and Endgames

By Hans Qu 

How does extranarrative information change the way we anticipate endings?

Mcu Villain Gauntlet

A Theory About The Real Villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

By Hans Qu 

It’s been hiding under our noses the whole time.

Ending of Shazam

‘Shazam!’ is the First Reconstructive Superhero Film

By Hans Qu 

Are superheroes good or bad for the world? In this case we choose good.

Captain Marvel Powers Wide

Captain Marvel’s Powers Explained

By Hans Qu 

She definitely does NOT transform when she says “shazam.” Here’s a quick and easy guide to Captain Marvel’s powers.

Radical Kids Movie Spy Kids

The Endless Imagination of ‘Spy Kids’

By Hans Qu 

Before ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ and ‘Machete,’ there was the Cortez family.

Sammo Hung Feature

The Big Hong Kong Cinema of Sammo Hung

By Hans Qu 

The martial arts legend has a history of being the biggest.

Skydance Header (Shutterstock/FSR Illustration)

Why It Matters That Skydance Hired John Lasseter

By Hans Qu 

“Forgive” does not mean “forget.”

Aquaman Family

The Secret to Aquaman’s Global Success

By Hans Qu 

As described by my mom.