Brianna Zigler

Brianna Zigler is an entertainment writer with bylines at Polygon, Little White Lies, Thrillist, The Film Stage, Bright Wall/Dark Room, and more. She runs a bi-monthly newsletter called That's Weird. Follow her and her big beautiful brain on Twitter: @justbrizigs.
The Beach Bum

Is That All There Is? On Beauty and Absurdity in ‘The Beach Bum’

By Brianna Zigler 

“We’re here to have a good time. I just wanna have a good time until this shit’s over, man.”

Mainstream Gia Coppola

‘Mainstream’ is an Enchanting, Unsurprising Cautionary Tale of Influencer Culture

By Brianna Zigler 

Gia Coppola’s sophomore feature offers a lurid, engaging take on social media consumption that slips on its own superficial moralizing.

After Hours Martin Scorsese

‘After Hours’ in the Afterlife: The Case for Paul Hackett’s Hell

By Brianna Zigler 

In Martin Scorsese’s 1985 black comedy, a man’s desperate quest to get home after a night gone wrong is actually his eternal damnation.

Palm Springs time loop sex

The Thorny Sexistentialism of ‘Palm Springs’ and ’50 First Dates’

By Brianna Zigler 

We examine how these two time-loop comedies deal with sex, free will, and the multiverse theory.

Alone Together

‘Alone Together’ is a Heartfelt Look at Fan Community Amidst COVID

By Brianna Zigler 

This Charli XCX documentary is less about the coronavirus pandemic than it is about community and connection.


In ‘Violet’ That Voice Inside Your Head is a Main Character

By Brianna Zigler 

A distinctive style and a strong lead performance still leave something to be desired.

Ma Belle My Beauty Sxsw

‘Ma Belle, My Beauty’ Conventionally Depicts an Unconventional Romance

By Brianna Zigler 

Marion Hill’s serene debut feature is an enjoyable yet predictable film about a polyamorous relationship.

Popstar Never Stop Never Stopping

Are We Human, or Are We Pop Star?

By Brianna Zigler 

Through the mockumentary ‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’ and the documentary ‘Miss Americana,’ the limits of humanizing the pop star persona are tested.

Sundance 2021: Pleasure review

‘Pleasure’ is an Unglamorous Look at Breaking Into the Porn Industry

By Brianna Zigler 

Ninja Thyberg’s expansion of her 2013 short film gives care to an affectingly blunt portrayal of a porn actress.