Brianna Zigler

Brianna Zigler is an entertainment writer with bylines at Polygon, Little White Lies, Thrillist, The Film Stage, Bright Wall/Dark Room, and more. She runs a bi-monthly newsletter called That's Weird. Follow her and her big beautiful brain on Twitter: @justbrizigs.
Darkness in Midnight In A Perfect World

Haunted Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Midnight in a Perfect World’ is Eerie, but Ponderous

By Brianna Zigler 

Disappearances, blackouts, and Philip K. Dick collide in a genre tale from the Philippines.

a car in King Car

Man and Machine Make Love in Auto(mobile)-Erotic ‘King Car’

By Brianna Zigler 

Some honk car horns, others bonk horny cars.

Vincent Kartheiser in Ultrasound

‘Ultrasound’ is Twisty Sci-Fi But Less Than the Sum of Its Confounding Parts

By Brianna Zigler 

It’s okay if filmmakers know more about their story than audiences, but what if they’re every bit as in the dark on the film as the rest of us?

Ghosting Gloria

‘Ghosting Gloria’ is a Horny Ghost Romance That is Neither Horny nor Particularly Romantic

By Brianna Zigler 

Finally, a rebuttal to Bo Derek’s 1989 comedy ‘Ghosts Can’t Do It.’

Fantasia Film Festival 2021

The 10 Most Anticipated Films at Fantasia International Film Festival 2021

By Rob Hunter, and Brianna Zigler 

It wasn’t easy picking only ten films to be excited about, but we did it anyway.

The Beach Bum

Is That All There Is? On Beauty and Absurdity in ‘The Beach Bum’

By Brianna Zigler 

“We’re here to have a good time. I just wanna have a good time until this shit’s over, man.”

Mainstream Gia Coppola

‘Mainstream’ is an Enchanting, Unsurprising Cautionary Tale of Influencer Culture

By Brianna Zigler 

Gia Coppola’s sophomore feature offers a lurid, engaging take on social media consumption that slips on its own superficial moralizing.

After Hours Martin Scorsese

‘After Hours’ in the Afterlife: The Case for Paul Hackett’s Hell

By Brianna Zigler 

In Martin Scorsese’s 1985 black comedy, a man’s desperate quest to get home after a night gone wrong is actually his eternal damnation.

Palm Springs time loop sex

The Thorny Sexistentialism of ‘Palm Springs’ and ’50 First Dates’

By Brianna Zigler 

We examine how these two time-loop comedies deal with sex, free will, and the multiverse theory.