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Brianna Zigler is an entertainment writer with bylines at Polygon, Little White Lies, Thrillist, The Film Stage, Bright Wall/Dark Room, and more. She runs a bi-monthly newsletter called That's Weird. Follow her and her big beautiful brain on Twitter: @justbrizigs.
Kate Lyn Sheil She Dies Tomorrow Mortality

How 2020 Was Unintentionally Reflected in the Movies of 2020

By Brianna Zigler 

We reflect on films that somehow managed to successfully capture the cultural zeitgeist of this year.

Eric Andre Show Abby Lee Miller "the mortifying ordeal of being known."

The Horrible Human Self and ‘The Eric Andre Show’

By Brianna Zigler 

What does it mean when the performance ends for the performers?

Eric Andre Show

The 10 Best Moments From ‘The Eric Andre Show’

By Brianna Zigler 

The hit absurdist comedy talk show is back after four long years, so we’re reflecting on the touchstones that drew us into its perverted appeal.

Tim Heidecker Fear Of Death

Tim Heidecker’s ‘Fear of Death,’ Lars von Trier’s ‘Melancholia,’ and the Comfort in Facing the End

By Brianna Zigler 

There’s an unlikely link between the controversial Danish filmmaker and the absurdist comedian: how they approach human mortality.

Observe And Report

‘Observe and Report’ is Why Jody Hill Should Have Directed ‘Joker’

By Brianna Zigler 

Brianna Zigler explains why she believes the ‘Observe and Report’ director should’ve helmed the live-action solo story of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Uncut Gems Screenshot

I Watched ‘Uncut Gems’ Seven Times, and Other Stories

By Brianna Zigler 

Brianna Zigler ruminates on her love affair with the frantic film that she can’t get enough of.

Collage Created Using Turbocollage Software From Www Turbocollage Com

12 Films for the Horny and Isolated

By Brianna Zigler 

If you’re wondering when you’ll be freed from your quarantine prison to scale the depths of Tinder again, well, maybe think about something else first. Here are 12 films that – more or less – understand what you’re going through.

Basketball Movies

NBA Season Cancelled? Watch These Basketball Movies in the Meantime

By Brianna Zigler 

COVID-19 took basketball from us but movie magic can bring it back. We recommend some good basketball movies while you’re missing the game.

Mask Of Machismo

I Wanna Be What Intimidates Me: ‘The Art of Self Defense,’ ‘The Foot Fist Way,’ and The Mask of Machismo

By Brianna Zigler 

Two comedy films about the martial arts expose the spectacle of toxic masculinity.