Charlie Brigden

Charlie Brigden is the author of many fine soundtrack liner notes and Blu-ray booklet essays and some call him a film music expert. He also recorded a commentary for Howard the Duck. You can find him on Twitter here: @brigdenwriter. (He/Him)
Raiders of the Lost Ark opening

An Indy Darling: John Williams and ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

By Charlie Brigden 

As ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ turns 40, Charlie Brigden explores how composer John Williams gave Indiana Jones his groove.

Cobra Kai Macchio Zabka

How ‘Cobra Kai’ Teaches Us to Learn from the Past

By Charlie Brigden 

The series revisits scenes from ‘The Karate Kid’ to show history repeated but recontextualized.

Best Movie Scores Soundtracks 2020

The 20 Best Movie Soundtracks Released in 2020

By Charlie Brigden 

Let us celebrate the wonderful movie music this year has blessed us with.

Star Trek Uss Enterprise starship registry numbers

In New ‘Star Trek,’ is Discovery “A” OK?

By Charlie Brigden 

We look at the history of Starship registry numbers and why the latest may be a controversial addition to the canon.

Barbara Stanwyck In Double Indemnity

Out of the Shadows: Scoring ‘Double Indemnity’

By Charlie Brigden 

Find out why this movie’s music is so unique within film noir.

Mandalorian Season Western Science Fiction TV

The Western Lives On in Science Fiction Television

By Charlie Brigden 

Traditional Westerns may still be out of fashion, but you can find a semblance of the genre in ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’ TV series.

Mark Isham Bill and Ted

‘Bill & Ted’ Composer Mark Isham Literally Faces the Music

By Charlie Brigden 

We talk to the Oscar-nominee about his latest score.

Return Of the Jedi Score

The Emperor’s New Score

By Charlie Brigden 

Just how would John Williams musically close the ‘Star Wars’ trilogy?

Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back

How John Williams Struck Back

By Charlie Brigden 

The composer had an impossible task with the follow-up to ‘Star Wars’ but he was certainly up to the challenge.