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Vacation Of Terror Doll

Vinegar Syndrome Brings an Eclectic Genre Mix Home for April 2023


We take a look at Curse of the Blue Lights, Five Women for the Killer, and Vacations of Terror I & II!

Blindspotting Season 2 Review

‘Blindspotting’ Season 2 Is A Creative, Cameo-Filled Vision of Oakland


The ballad of Ashley and Miles continues.

Ahsoka Trailer Teaser

‘Ahsoka’ Trailer: Warrior. Outcast. Rebel. Jedi?


We dig into the teaser trailer and consider how it adheres to and contradicts the character’s animated history.

Lala Land Flipped Image

Why a Filmmaker Might Choose to Flip a Shot


To flip, or not to flip? That is the question.

Gorgeous Header

Jackie Chan Finds Love in Our ‘Gorgeous’ Pick of the Week


Plus 8 more new releases to watch at home this week on UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD!

Devil And Daniel Webster

The Enduring Folk Horror of ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster’


“I’d fight ten thousand devils to save a New Hampshire man.”

Wicked Wicked Split Screen

‘Wicked, Wicked,’ Polyrhythmic Form, and the Vicious Split-Screen


My god, I’m seeing double.


‘Malum’ Kicks Off a Great Premise Before Fumbling Its Horrors


Come for the visuals and lead performance, but prepare to be bored by endless hallucinations.

Super Mario Bros 1993 - The Great Performances

Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo Were Brothers in Bond on ‘Super Mario Bros.’


The actors may have been a little inebriated while filming the most infamous disasterpiece of 1993, but their off-screen bonding only helped make their on-screen relationship feel real.

Brett Jutkiewicz Scream 6

How ‘Scream 6’ Broke Away from the Franchise’s Visual Tradition


We chat with cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz about ‘Scream 6,’ transforming Montreal into New York City, and why spherical lenses were the only way to go.

Beef Netflix Review

Intense Dark Comedy ‘Beef’ Is The Boldest Show Netflix Has Made In Years


The new Netflix series Beef stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun as two strangers entangled in a feud, but it taps an intense vein of American anger that goes far beyond a road rage incident.

Air Review

Ben Affleck’s ‘Air’ is a Hollow Brand Tribute


Despite a solid performance from Viola Davis, the latest collaboration between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck remains wanting.