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Maria Candelaria golden age of mexican cinema

An Introduction to the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema


Textbooks out, class, it’s time for some international cinema history.

best horror Anthology Movies

10 Best Horror Anthology Movies


If you love your horror bite-sized, then these anthology movies are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

No Time to Die James Bond

‘No Time to Die’ Underperforms in Lowest Opening for Daniel Craig’s James Bond


The new 007 film proves it’s no time to die at the box office, but it’s still not time to live your best life.

Jodie Comer in The Last Duel

‘The Last Duel’ Buries an Important Commentary in Bloat and Bile


Come for the epic spectacle, stay for Ben Affleck’s British accent by way of Boston.

Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales

The 10 Most Terrifying Tales from ‘Star Wars’


The new Lego ‘Star Wars’ holiday adventure is a brilliant reminder that this franchise has always been scary.

Horror Lists Werewolf Movies

10 Most Ferociously Fun Werewolf Movies


Werewolf, werewolf, who’s got the best werewolf?

Petite Maman

‘Petite Maman’ Teases Out Adorable Childhood Fantasy


Céline Sciamma’s follow-up to ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ leaves something to be desired. But the experience is still lovely.

Craig and de Armas in No Time To Die

12 Movies You Need to Watch After ‘No Time to Die’


We look back at the movies that came before — and maybe informed — the latest installment of the James Bond franchise.

Horror Lists Found Footage

10 Films That Prove Found Footage Horror Can Be Good, Actually


This list will make you fall in love with horror best’s subgenre: found footage.

The Green Knight

Time, Mossy Bones, and the Main Theme of ‘The Green Knight’ Explained


Why is he a GREEN knight, anyway? And what was with that really slow, rotating mid-film pan?

Days Of Horror Opening Credits

10 Best Opening Credits Sequences in Horror Films


Settle in, set the mood, and let the ooky spooky credits roll.


‘Lamb’ Director Valdimar Jóhannsson Embraces the Mystery


The filmmaker answers questions about his feature debut without answering questions raised by it.