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Fantastic Fest Poster

The 12 Most Anticipated Films of Fantastic Fest 2022


Fantastic Fest hopes chaos will finally reign again!

Triangle Of Sadness

‘Triangle of Sadness’ Desperately Wants What ‘Parasite’ Has


It’s always fun when a film with THIS much projectile vomit wins the Palme.

Nothing But Trouble

We Need to Talk About How Weird ‘Nothing But Trouble’ Is


“They’re Brazillionaires. They have breakfast at 2 pm in the afternoon.”

The Beast Bluray

‘The Beast’ Roars and Rolls to Life on Blu-ray from Imprint Films


Plus worldwide Blu-ray debuts of ‘Nobody’s Fool,’ ‘The Music of Chance,’ and Ken Russell’s ‘Whore.’

Weird The Al Yankovic Story

‘Weird’ Rides or Dies on Letting Daniel Radcliffe Be a Little Freak


I mean… how are we supposed to take Weird Al Yankovic SERIOUSLY after this?

Andor Series Premiere Review

‘Andor’ Flexes Some Serious Prequel Power in its Premiere


Here is the Star WARS story Rogue One promised to be.

Star Trek The Motion Picture K Restoration

How the 4K Restoration Returns the Humanity to ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’


We chat with restoration producer David C. Fein about assembling Robert Wise’s Director’s Cut in 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Vision. My god, it’s full of stars.


Immigrant Horror-Drama ‘Nanny’ Spotlights the Talent of Anna Diop


Thus begins our “cast Anna Diop in everything campaign.”

Spring Breakers Piano

Why ‘Spring Breakers’ Marked the End of the Indie Sleaze


Here’s a video essay on why Harmony Korine’s ‘Spring Breakers’ is the candy-colored punctuation mark at the end of the era of Indie Sleaze.

One Fine Morning Tiff

‘One Fine Morning’ Is Brilliant And Touching, Except When It’s Not


How to separate the optimists from the pessimists: is the film half good or half bad?

Rings Of Power Episode The Great Wave

Tolkien’s Nightmarish Great Wave Arrives in ‘The Rings of Power’


At the center of this series is a childhood nightmare and one Tolkien also supplied to a central ‘Lord of the Rings’ character.

M*A*S*H: Sometimes You Hear The Bullet

One Early M*A*S*H Episode Proved That Sitcoms Can Break Our Hearts


The season one M*A*S*H episode “Sometimes You Hear the Bullet” revealed the show’s bleeding heart, and gave voice to profound topics it would keep returning to throughout its storied run.