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Best Video Essays 2022

The Best Video Essays of 2022


Sit back, relax: you might learn something.

Horror Streaming January 2023

All the Horror You Need to Stream in January 2023


Ring in the new year with a bucket or blood or two.

Best Horror Movies 2022

The Best Horror Movies of 2022


Horror fans ate very, very well this year.

Best Animated Movies 2022

The Best Animated Movies of 2022


This year’s list features mad gods, shells with shoes on, and the best Shrek movie ever.

Best Comic Books 2022

The Best Comic Books of 2022


This year’s best comics include an introspective RZA and a housecat with some serious troubles.

Best Tv Shows 2022

The Best TV Shows of 2022


TV critic Valerie Ettenhofer picks the 15 best TV shows from a crowded, exciting year in television.

Best Action Movies of 2022

The Best Action Movies of 2022


It was a fantastic year for action cinema and action fans.

Best Movie Trailers of 2022

The Best Movie Trailers of 2022


Here’s a look at the 15 best first impressions that movies made in 2022.

The Last Broadcast

The Prescient Faux-Documentary Horror of ‘The Last Broadcast’


Tulpas, truthiness, and the terrifying early days of web forms … ‘The Last Broadcast’ was truly ahead of its time.

Subtle Performance Burning

Small Parts: In Praise of The Quiet Screen Performance


Sometimes the “most” acting isn’t the “best” acting.

Art the clown in Terrifier 2

Art the Clown Steals His Way Into Our Pick of the Week


Plus 11 more new releases to watch at home this week on UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD!

The Last Unicorn

Remembering ‘The Last Unicorn’: Rankin/Bass’ Cult Classic


Rankin AND Bass? In THIS economy?