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My Brilliant Career Australian New Wave

The Beginner’s Guide to the Australian New Wave


From ‘Wake in Firght’ and beyond, mate.

The Sadness from Fantasia

The 10 Best Movies of Fantasia International Film Festival 2021


From a killer in New Zealand to a city full of them in Taiwan, these are the 10 best films of Fantasia 2021!

Darkness in Midnight In A Perfect World

Haunted Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Midnight in a Perfect World’ is Eerie, but Ponderous


Disappearances, blackouts, and Philip K. Dick collide in a genre tale from the Philippines.

Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee

‘The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee Collection’ Honors a Genre Legend


Five of Christopher Lee’s forgotten European chillers come together in a remastered box set.

Abdul Mateen II in Candyman 2021

The Sweet Box Office Success of ‘Candyman’


Nia DaCosta became the first black woman director with the #1 movie in America.

Captain Marvel Costumes

What to Expect from the ‘Captain Marvel’ Sequel ‘The Marvels’


The sequel to ‘Captain Marvel’ will also be a follow-up to the series ‘Ms. Marvel.’

Edward Yang Yi Yi

Edward Yang’s ‘Yi Yi’ and the Cinematic Poetry of Liminal Space


“Why are we afraid of the first time? Every day in life is a first time.”

Jeopardy! Game Board Us

A Brief History of the Search for a New ‘Jeopardy!’ Host


The effort to replace Alex Trebek has become engulfed by controversy.

Scenes From A Marriage Remake

What to Expect from the Remake of Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Scenes From a Marriage’


It’s not easy to follow in Ingmar Bergman’s footsteps. But Hagai Levi is going to try.

Jin Ki-joo in Midnight

‘Midnight’ is a Triumph of Suspense, Terror, and Frustration


A hearing-impaired woman, a sadistic killer, and a date with terror.

Masumi in Yakuza Princess

‘Yakuza Princess’ Sets a Stylish Stage for Honor, Betrayal, and Swordplay


Come for the sword fights and passable action, stay for… Jonathan Rhys-Meyers?

West Side Story New Hollywood Musicals

A Brief History of New Hollywood Directors Making Musicals


With the release of ‘West Side Story’ later this year, Steven Spielberg is one of the last “Movie Brats” to make a musical of his own.