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The Tender Bar Ben Affleck

The Real Story Behind ‘The Tender Bar’


George Clooney’s latest movie depicts the true story of a boy finding a group of surrogate fathers at his uncle’s watering hole.

Succession Rap Music

Unpacking “L to the OG”: How ‘Succession’ Weaponizes Music


“Handmade suits, raking in loot/Five-star general, y’all best salute.”

Harold Perrineau in Romeo and Juliet

Harold Perrineau Made Shakespeare Sound Natural in ‘Romeo + Juliet’


His modern approach to tackling the Bard’s dense language helped make one of the world’s most famous plays feel accessible to young audiences.

My Heroes Academia World Heroes Mission

‘My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission’ Topped the Weekend Box Office for New Releases


‘Last Night in Soho’ and ‘Antlers’ fell short in a generally disappointing weekend at the box office for horror movies, while Joanna Hogg’s sequel ‘The Souvenir: Part II’ was a hit in limited release.

Stephen King Horror Movies

50 Stephen King Horror Movies, Ranked!


Stephen King knows a little something about horror even if some of the adaptations made from his work suggest otherwise.

Candyman Mouth Bees

How They Shot the Bee Scenes in ‘Candyman’


Here’s the story of how the filmmakers wrangled 200,000 very real honeybees.

True Detective Who Goes There

Re-entering the Void with the Best Episode of ‘True Detective’


The surreal HBO series’ first-season midpoint — “Who Goes There?” — careens into epically cinematic chaos.

Heartbreaking Horror Films

10 Most Heartbreaking Horror Films


Most horror movies want to scare, unsettle, or disturb, but some set their sights even higher. These are the most heartbreaking horror films.

Creepshow Drug Traffic

The Season Finale of ‘Creepshow’ Hits a High With ‘Drug Traffic’


Here’s our review of Creepshow’s finale, which boasts a high and a low for Season 3.

Last Night In Soho Giallo

‘Last Night in Soho’ and the Pitfalls of Cult Horror Pastiche

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Pastiche often comes from a place of love. But to successfully pull off a riff on giallo, a film also needs bite.

Mike Flanagan Star Wars Horror

Mike Flanagan’s ‘Star Wars’ Horror Film is Not a Total Fantasy


We think it’s absolutely possible. Let’s examine Star Wars’ horrific past and present.

Equilibrium gun fu

The Birth and the Rise of Gun-Fu


Does punching your gun forward make the bullet hit harder? Who cares, it looks cool.